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Ability to "Undo" Angela Hum 2 comments 78 votes Collecting Votes
Use shift to select multiple items Kerry Guard 4 comments 36 votes Planned
Hyperlink Text or Images Brian Yancey 3 comments 23 votes Collecting Votes
Request a Mapping widget Lisa Loving 7 comments 23 votes Implemented
Decimal rounding for currency Sarah Wilson 7 comments 22 votes Planned
Be able to nudge and position elements with arrow keys Yvonne Weng 3 comments 21 votes Planned
Auto Save Feature For Reports Robyn 3 comments 19 votes Collecting Votes
Ability to select multiple Network Mappings in Template Builder Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 17 votes
More Chart/Graph Options for widgets Nick Huntington 3 comments 17 votes Collecting Votes
True Pivot table where we can show multiple dimensions Karie Yost 1 comment 16 votes
Reports Table of Contents Robin Driver 7 comments 16 votes Collecting Votes
Network Mapping as a Dimension option Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 15 votes
Add Language dimension for Google Analytics Mike Turnham 0 comments 15 votes
Custom comparison date range Antoine Paulet 4 comments 15 votes Implemented
Comparison within metrics luuk.tummers 3 comments 14 votes Planned
Multiple account owners per customer account luuk.tummers 4 comments 13 votes Planned
Live filtering of tables in dashboards Lucy 1 comment 13 votes Planned
Freeze Top Row (Dashboard tables) Jasmine Thomas 3 comments 12 votes Planned
Allow 2+ metrics in charts Rafael Ribeiro 1 comment 12 votes Collecting Votes
Facebook Insights - Page Followers and Page Likes Nick Huntington 1 comment 12 votes Answered
Ability to pace by individual engine Matt Mason 2 comments 12 votes Planned
Ability to modify headers and footers in reports Luise 1 comment 12 votes Collecting Votes
Better text box functionality Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 11 votes
restrict reporting on a data source by date Lucy 0 comments 11 votes
Speedometer Graph? Ed Schindler 1 comment 11 votes Collecting Votes
Change widgets exact position (x / y axis) and size (width / height) Ludvig Larsson 0 comments 10 votes
Dashboard date options to match Ninjacat's template date options Rafael Ribeiro 1 comment 10 votes
Doughnut charts Rafael Ribeiro 1 comment 10 votes
Basic vector geometry Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 10 votes
Improved Colour Picker (and Improved access to Colour Schemes) Darroch Reid 2 comments 10 votes Planned