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Segment Google Search Console at Account-level Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 9 votes
Dashboard date options to match Ninjacat's template date options Rafael Ribeiro 1 comment 10 votes
Doughnut charts Rafael Ribeiro 1 comment 10 votes
Date weekly grouping refinements Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 9 votes
Format-painter-like functionality Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 9 votes
Template page selection UI colour overhaul Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 9 votes
Better text box functionality Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 11 votes
Agency-level font settings Rafael Ribeiro 1 comment 9 votes
Basic vector geometry Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 10 votes
Reversing values for one axis when there's a secondary axis Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 9 votes
Aggregate values for calculated metrics don't report correct figures Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 8 votes
Chart gridline customisation Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 7 votes
Full tables customisation (table borders) Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 9 votes
Advanced Web Ranking (AWR Cloud) Integration Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 9 votes
Ninja Track Box Richard Maimone 0 comments 2 votes
Compare to X Week Averages Nicole Mennicke 0 comments 0 votes
Ability to rotate images and clipart (a previously requested feature) Lauren Robertello 0 comments 1 vote
Multiple Dashboards per Client; Control Access to Specific Dashboards Lee Williams 1 comment 5 votes
Ability to customize comparison date ranges Karilynn Fulbright 0 comments 2 votes
Number Lists Font Size Change with Text Size Change Shelly Cihan 0 comments 1 vote
Ability to highlight a "cell" in a table Lisa Loving 0 comments 1 vote
No comparison on last row Jasper Kuipers 0 comments 1 vote
Scheduling Reports with Start Date/First Date Mara Grow 0 comments 0 votes
Customize LinkedIn Conversion Metric Andrew Bauer 0 comments 1 vote
Post Count Graham Holland 0 comments 1 vote
Custom Comparison Percentages Danielle Denman 0 comments 1 vote
Client Login Stats Andrew Miller 0 comments 1 vote
Enable Filtering of Table Widgets in Dashboards on a Widget-by-Widget basis Ryan Marks 0 comments 2 votes
Cluster Map Widget Brian Yancey 1 comment 1 vote
Show Agency Logo on Dashboards Lee Williams 0 comments 3 votes