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DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM): Report on and filter by floodlight activities Robin Driver 2 comments 0 votes Implemented
Message Extension Integration Robyn 2 comments 9 votes Collecting Votes
Margins: Ability to set a different margin for display vs. search campaigns Robin Driver 2 comments 1 vote Implemented
Trigger a Google Analytics widget insertion by existence of an AdWords account Christian Swanson 2 comments 1 vote Collecting Votes
Underspent budget report Xurxo Vidal 2 comments 1 vote Planned
Executive Summary Micro Graphs Christian Swanson 2 comments 1 vote Answered
Allow budget updates via API and/or Google Sheet Christian Swanson 2 comments 2 votes Collecting Votes
Pull in text blocks from Google Sheets Christian Swanson 2 comments 0 votes Implemented
Aggregated Agency Report Anna Bussert 2 comments 1 vote Implemented
Add multiple ad platforms for one client Luise 2 comments 2 votes Implemented
Ability to combine a absolute date with a relative date Rafael Ribeiro 1 comment 2 votes
Client Dashboard Analytics Jon Hopkins 1 comment 4 votes
Yahoo! Japan Promotional Ads Management integration Rafael Ribeiro 1 comment 2 votes
Commenting on/ rating conversions in Shinobi dashboards Meghan Nolt 1 comment 0 votes
Add "Facebook action as conversion" to the Setup | Agency Settings | Defaults tab Christian Swanson 1 comment 1 vote
Frozen header rows and sortable column heads in dashboards Christian Swanson 1 comment 1 vote
Google Responsive Search Ads Not Showing Nicole Mennicke 1 comment 5 votes
Request to display data sampling info for data requests in templates and thus in reports so agencies can speak to the nature of sampled results with their clients Perry Piekarski 1 comment 1 vote
Adjustable font sizes for comparison metrics for tables Alan Ng 1 comment 3 votes
Weather Widget Lynn 1 comment 2 votes
Time of Day Dimension Matthew Pettigrew 1 comment 1 vote
Merge / Combine Template & Reports Nicole Mennicke 1 comment 2 votes
More than 2 decimal places Maja Frey 1 comment 3 votes
Default Comparison - Template Settings Ludvig Larsson 1 comment 4 votes
KPI widget with metrics and dimensions Jasper Kuipers 1 comment 2 votes
Product Groups as a Dimension David Behuniak 1 comment 7 votes
Filter By Comparison Values James Poyer 1 comment 2 votes
Dashboard date options to match Ninjacat's template date options Rafael Ribeiro 1 comment 10 votes
Doughnut charts Rafael Ribeiro 1 comment 10 votes
Agency-level font settings Rafael Ribeiro 1 comment 9 votes