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Pagination Adjustment Brian Yancey 0 comments 0 votes
Filter for whole dashboard Luuk 0 comments 1 vote
Hour of Day/Day of Week Analysis Functionality Anna Bussert 0 comments 3 votes
Used By __ Dashboards Karl Prasher - kprasher 0 comments 0 votes
Ability to Hide Dashboard Pages/Tabs If No Data Exists for Global Datasources Lee Williams 0 comments 2 votes
Location Performance Alejandro Albarenga 0 comments 0 votes
Auto Sorting/Numbering of Widget Data Sources Lee Williams 0 comments 2 votes
Ability to Filter Dashboards by Metrics Lee Williams 0 comments 2 votes
CallRail Dimension Brian Yancey 0 comments 2 votes
Conversion Actions Courtney Charroux 0 comments 3 votes
Network Mapping overview page Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 1 vote
"Tag cloud" chart Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 2 votes
Add Language dimension for Google Analytics Mike Turnham 0 comments 15 votes
Monitoring Feature Update Amanda 0 comments 2 votes
Load template with account pre-populated when accessing via Account->Reports Don RB 0 comments 0 votes
Pull in GA View Name or ID from API Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 2 votes
Critical Error Notifications Caitlin Hines 0 comments 0 votes
MailChimp List information Emma Wargolet 0 comments 1 vote
Store Visits from AdWords Jessica Wright 0 comments 3 votes
Chart Font Customization Alyssa Wyngard 0 comments 0 votes
Compare Data between two data sources Karie Yost 0 comments 1 vote
Dashboard Date Range Lynn 0 comments 1 vote
ABILITY TO USE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Oscar Christiansson 0 comments 1 vote
Trade Desk Creative Preview Colin 0 comments 3 votes
"All Accounts" Account Group As Default Jonathan Catton 0 comments 1 vote
Commenting on/ rating conversions in Shinobi dashboards Meghan Nolt 1 comment 0 votes
Gross Spend KPI Anna Bussert 0 comments 3 votes
Global Setting for Custom Comparison Date Range Daniel 2 comments 6 votes
Add Account Groups to a User Colin 0 comments 0 votes
Allow Run Now as a separate permission for users Sharelle Leal 0 comments 2 votes