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Dynamically Pulling in Account Owner Contact Information Diana Richardson 2 comments 6 votes Planned
Change Fonts Diana Richardson 1 comment 7 votes Answered
Ad Roll Account Metric Dave Reinke 1 comment 0 votes Collecting Votes
Auto Save Feature For Reports Robyn 3 comments 19 votes Collecting Votes
Add Facebook data to the Monitoring > Budgets dashboard Kris Hutchinson 1 comment 0 votes Planned
Account Selection Page: Open in New Tab or Open in Pop-up Ted Petcu 5 comments 8 votes Collecting Votes
Editing the subject line of email call notifications Meghan Nolt 0 comments 1 vote Collecting Votes
No Show All Drop Down Taylor Green 0 comments 0 votes Collecting Votes
Multiple Scorecard Filtering Alan Metcalfe 0 comments 1 vote Collecting Votes
Scorecards - backup Data Point Alan Metcalfe 0 comments 0 votes Collecting Votes
Hyperlinking Filters and/or Text Boxes Aimee Bishop 1 comment 2 votes Collecting Votes
Dimension Aggregation Across All Data Sources Mike Peters 1 comment 1 vote Implemented
Table metrics sorting Leslie Drechsler 4 comments 4 votes Collecting Votes
Forecasting Leslie Drechsler 0 comments 4 votes Collecting Votes
Request a Mapping widget Lisa Loving 7 comments 23 votes Implemented
Adding a Retail Month calendar to your system Lisa Loving 0 comments 1 vote Collecting Votes
More Chart/Graph Options for widgets Nick Huntington 3 comments 17 votes Collecting Votes
Retail Month Jackie Niblock 0 comments 0 votes Collecting Votes
Be able to nudge and position elements with arrow keys Yvonne Weng 3 comments 21 votes Planned
Widgets - Font Size on X Axis Nick Huntington 0 comments 5 votes Collecting Votes
Ability to "Undo" Angela Hum 2 comments 78 votes Collecting Votes
Report Names Leni 3 comments 3 votes Implemented
Edit Footers Jamie Larson 0 comments 4 votes Collecting Votes
Allow Percentages to Not Show Decimal/Change Size Jamie Larson 1 comment 1 vote Collecting Votes
State Comparison Value in Widgets Jamie Larson 1 comment 0 votes Implemented
Adding Heat Map for Conversion/Phone Data Jeremy Frazier 4 comments 3 votes Collecting Votes
Call Tracking For Bing Dustin 0 comments 0 votes Collecting Votes
Green and Red Performance Arrows in Table Format Katherine Lake 3 comments 0 votes Implemented
Facebook - Landing Page Views Amanda 1 comment 2 votes Answered
Use shift to select multiple items Kerry Guard 4 comments 36 votes Planned