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ROI Report Chris Hornick 0 comments 0 votes
Do Not Send Reports when changing send time... Spencer Mayes 0 comments 1 vote
Placement Control for Comparisons Matthew Pettigrew 3 comments 7 votes Collecting Votes
Additional views when looking at a list of reports Ryan Marks 0 comments 1 vote
Set a report's priority so it will finish before others Ryan Marks 0 comments 1 vote
End automatic API calls on Template Builder Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 1 vote
Use shift to select multiple items Kerry Guard 4 comments 36 votes Planned
Pause Report Scheduling / One-Time Report Schedule Jonathan Catton 0 comments 1 vote
Ability to combine a absolute date with a relative date Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 2 votes
Ability to select multiple Network Mappings in Template Builder Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 17 votes
Network Mapping as a Dimension option Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 15 votes
Client Dashboard Analytics Jon Hopkins 1 comment 4 votes
Dynamic Total Row Based on Filtered Data for Table Widgets Lee Williams 0 comments 2 votes
Ability to "Undo" Angela Hum 2 comments 78 votes Collecting Votes
Undo Feature in Template Editor Ted Petcu 0 comments 1 vote
Keep minus sign on the same line of text as the number Melanie Novak 0 comments 0 votes
Create campaign groups based on parameters that can be applied at the agency level - Team Velocity Marketing Clark Amundson 1 comment 2 votes Collecting Votes
Gauge Chart/widget Brian Yancey 0 comments 1 vote
Adding "id" to NinjaTrack code Christopher Van Velden 0 comments 0 votes
Template to Report Creation Flow Scott Mesite 0 comments 0 votes
ADWORDS Billed Cost and Served Cost Spencer Mayes 3 comments 1 vote Collecting Votes
Adding Filtering for Goal Name for Analytics Goals Aaron Greenfield 1 comment 9 votes Collecting Votes
Edit Font Formatting Scorecard Metric Name Nicole Mennicke 2 comments 2 votes Collecting Votes
Report on All Accounts using an Account Group as Dimension Josef Severson 3 comments 2 votes Planned
Master Campaign Name Filter Avi Chazin 7 comments 4 votes Implemented
Hidden dimension still influences aggregation Rafael Ribeiro 0 comments 1 vote
Google Analytics Behaviour Flow Chart Linsey Yao 0 comments 1 vote
Yahoo! Japan Promotional Ads Management integration Rafael Ribeiro 1 comment 1 vote
Marin Software Data Source Amber Hodges 0 comments 2 votes
New place holder pdf name (previous month) luuk.tummers 0 comments 1 vote