Please add a request for tech and tools you would like to see NinjaCat integrate with. Typically requires us to obtain API access, so to expedite the process, please provide a link to the API documentation for the requested integration.

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Google Analytics Content Grouping Danielle Simpson 3 comments 27 votes Collecting Votes
Search console Crawl error + Site map luuk.tummers 2 comments 13 votes Collecting Votes
Spotify Integration Matthew Pettigrew 0 comments 8 votes Collecting Votes
SnapAds Integration Mike Peters 3 comments 7 votes Collecting Votes
Show more details instead of the "Error Getting Data" screen Ryan Marks 0 comments 6 votes Collecting Votes
Capterra Scott Mesite 3 comments 5 votes
Retreaver Call Tracking Mike Walton 0 comments 5 votes Collecting Votes
Similarweb Integration Sam Fenton-Elstone 0 comments 5 votes Collecting Votes
AppsFlyer Integration Chris Burns 1 comment 5 votes Planned
Amazon Sponsored Ads Data Nicole Mennicke 3 comments 5 votes Implemented
Sprout Social Integration Andy Bayer 0 comments 4 votes Collecting Votes
Reach & Frequency Metrics for DCM Shannon Hartmann 0 comments 4 votes Collecting Votes
Ligatus Integrations Jasper Kuipers 0 comments 4 votes Collecting Votes
SEMrush API Connector Sean Longthorpe 2 comments 4 votes Answered
Adding Facebook Analytics as a Data Source Scott Mcelreath 0 comments 4 votes Collecting Votes
AdWords - Call Metrics Call Details Michael Windle 2 comments 4 votes Implemented
Kenshoo Darroch Reid 1 comment 3 votes Collecting Votes
Waze Ads Luise 0 comments 3 votes Implemented
Add SERanking API integration Tyrell Mara 0 comments 3 votes Collecting Votes
Crazy Egg Heat Map API Integration Kirstie 0 comments 3 votes Collecting Votes
Add Pinterest as a data source Amanda 2 comments 3 votes Answered
Criteo Integration Danielle Simpson 0 comments 3 votes Collecting Votes
LinkedIn Integrations Nick Nevins 2 comments 3 votes Implemented
Unbounce Integration Scott Mcelreath 1 comment 2 votes Planned
Post Count - Facebook and Instagram Graham Holland 0 comments 2 votes Collecting Votes
Support Fractional Conversions from Google Analytics Laura Machanic 1 comment 2 votes Answered
Google Local Actions - New AdWords Feature 6/25/18 Charlie Chance 1 comment 2 votes Answered
Adding LinkedIn Organic Metrics Stephanie Bernal 1 comment 2 votes Implemented
Integration with Bird-eye Aaron Shepard 4 comments 2 votes Implemented
LinkedIn Company Pages Aaron Shepard 2 comments 2 votes Implemented