Pause Report Scheduling / One-Time Report Schedule

Whilst the current report scheduling is very comprehensive, it does have two related omission. The ability to run one-time reports or to temporarily pause the report schedule. 

Occasionally we might, for example, want to pull a one time last 3 month report and don't particularly need to run it again. Whilst I could just run it and then delete, quite often I like to leave it in there for the report history in case I ever need to print off a fresh version, or just another similar report at some point in the future. In order to minimise impact on Ninjacat servers the only way to deal with this currently is just schedule it to only repeat next year, but this is a bit of a hack.

The related incident is more common where we might not want to run a report for a couple of weeks, (usually when it's set up to auto email out to a client), but will want to resume the normal schedule at some point in the future. Typically if the client themselves is on pause, or maybe on holiday and there's no point them getting daily updates etc. A simple toggle to say not to bother running this report for now would be great.



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