Ability to combine a absolute date with a relative date


Ninja Cat's date capabilities are pretty cool.

For them to be even cooler, it'd be great to be able to combine the 3 methods if needed.

We currently can do:

  • quick
  • relative
  • absolute

But some of our clients like to see YEAR TO DATE performance, but their years vary. Some start in January, others in May, others in April.

But also - we don't want the dates to be uncontrollable. Example: when doing Year to Date on a MONTHLY report, we would limit the end date to be the same date as the monthly report's date.

So! My idea was:

Be able to say I want my start date to be: relative or absolute, and my end date to be: relative or absolute.


So that I could do something like this:

Start date: Absolute (01/05/2019)

End date: Last month's last day (31/05/2019)

(At the time of writing)






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