Monitoring Feature Update

I feel that the monitoring system here has been seriously neglected. When we first signed up, we thought that it was going to be quite useful. A tool where we can login to everyday to see if any of our KPIs (spend, conversions, etc.) have any red flags, or if they are okay, rather than having to sign into each platform separately, pull up each account, and go through them, which is quite tedious.

When we saw it initially, we realized there were some serious limitations. Not many metrics can be tracked, only Google Adwords, Bing, and Facebook can be used, and nothing can be broken out campaign wise (e.g., if I had a Gmail campaign as well as a responsive display campaign running, I have no way of separating them). We did address this as a concern which we were told that it will be upgraded in time. So, I spent a long time adding various KPIs to track in the meantime, eagerly awaiting the updates to allow us more capabilities.

Now, two years later, there have been no upgrades whatsoever. Not really sure why it wouldn't be possible to have more sources, more metrics, and breakdown availabilities. Also, the 'Conversion' metric under Facebook does not render any results. Assuming this is because Facebook's pixel change more than a year ago?

Also, it would be quite useful if you were able to group KPIs together. For example, if I had ABC client, and I am tracking spend and conversions for Google Search, Facebook and TradeDesk, it would be nice to have it look like:


ABC Client

  • Search Spend
  • Search Conversions
  • Facebook Spend
  • Facebook Conversions
  • TradeDesk Spend
  • TradeDesk Conversions

123 Client

  • Search Spend
  • Gmail Spend
  • Twitter Spend



Also, having the option to run all KPIs at once when you have updated them, and for the page to actually refresh itself once they are ready, rather than making them look like they have no data.


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