No comparison on last row

In the management summary of our reports, we compare last months results (september) with the results of previous last month (august). Impressions, clicks, conversions, costs & CPA.

we want to show the differences we made in september as opposed to August, but we do not need to show the differences from August as opposed to july, since those numbers aren't present in the report.

we currently have succeeded in reporting as described above, by adding two tables on top of eachother (one with comparison, the other without) but we run into trouble when we export to powerpoint.
This is waht we try to achieve

But without glichting our way into it.

It would be really helpfull if we could have more control over where the comparisons are shown and how.
in our case, "no comparison on the last row" would be sufficient.
But theres a lot more suggestions on controlling the comparison view.


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