restrict reporting on a data source by date

Is it possible to have a 'last reporting date' on a data source to work alongside the earliest reporting date?

Use case -  2 GA accounts both reporting on the same goal completion for 1 client account.

We want to be able to report on goal completions from GA property 1 up to a set point in time, at which point, we want to start reporting on the same goal completion measured in GA property 2.

This is to allow access to the historic GA property (1) data up to a defined point in time and is needed because property 1 is still reporting on a specific goal completion at the same time as property 2 and we need to use the old property (1) to bring in historic data. A cut off point on that property (1) would allow us to use custom metrics to report on new and old data but without the risk of duplication

At the moment it is possible to restrict reporting on property 2 by time using existing features, but only in terms of 'don't report on this data source before a set date', which will solve half our problem. 

It would be great if we can extend this functionality to include 'don't report on this data source AFTER a set date' as I think this will then allow us to aggregate the data sources using a custom metric if needs be, and not run the risk of reporting on duplicate goal completions. 


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