Make margins Date Specific i.e. YYYY-MM-DD (rather than the current YYYY-MM)

Background: All our clients have unique start dates for their accounts. This allows us to spread the QA workload across the whole month. This means that all our clients have a reporting date other than 'Last Calendar Month'.

Issue: When changes in markup happen mid-month it is impossible to create an accurate Report that reflects their costs.

What causes this problem? The current date selector used to specify margins only allows Year and Month choices, so July 2018 or July 2018. Implicitly this means that the margin date starts on the 1st of the month until the last day of the month.

Proposed Solution: Make the Margin selector allow for Day, Month and Year so 16th March 2019.

Practical Example:

Sales calls on the September 14th saying that they have agreed a new margin for the next reporting period (30 days starting tomorrow) as the client is increasing spend during that period for seasonal traffic.

Normal margin: 15% @£500/day [ 1st-14th of the month]
Sale margin: 10% @£750/day [15th-14th of the month]

With the current settings, Reports can only show AdSpend with 15% markup across the whole month totalling £27,600. The actual cost to the client would only be £26,400.

Here's the data for this example:

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