Automatically Hide/Ignore Certain Report Pages

Many of our clients use a report template we’ve made called Revised All In One Winmark Template. This contains nearly all of the digital marketing services we utilize, and the pages with no data (from clients not using certain services) do not show up in our reports. That’s great, but for example, if a client decides they don’t want to use Instagram this month, the report will show Instagram because we choose to use comparison numbers. Is there a way NinjaCat can automatically hide report slides that show zeros across the board despite using month over month comparisons. Here’s an example from OUAC Nanaimo, BC, CA that shows what I’m talking about. We’d like this page to not end up in the final report for the client, but we only know how to do this by manually deleting the page after it has run which means we can’t use the automatic email feature.



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