Report on All Accounts using an Account Group as Dimension

Utilize account groupings as a dimension and reporting on all accounts, as opposed to the account grouping status the particular customer is labeled as.

Use Case Examples:

Example #1: Website Program by Template Account Grouping

  • 400 accounts on website program. 
  • 7 website templates categorized within an account grouping
  • Create a template to share template designs and respective conversion rates

Example #2: Paid Media by Region Account Grouping

  • 70 accounts with exclusive territories and agreements. They share data and insights with each other
  • United states is broken up into regions
  • Create a template to share performance by region and marketing medium

Example #3: CMO Report by Customer Network Account Grouping

  • All accounts
  • Organized by the buying network (owned retail, financed retail, independent retail, direct retail)
  • Create a template to display marketing spend by customer network grouping and region grouping


Currently, templates are based on a single account and it's associated groupings. A single account can only have one status within an account grouping. We would like a report that displays ALL account groupings, rather just the account grouping status the customer is statused as.

Thank you for your consideration-



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