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NinjaCat 20.9.6 - September 24th, 2020


What's New

FTP Integration: Non-Account Option

For the FTP integration, we've made a change to the behavior of FTP. It is no longer required to have account information in the FTP. Under Filtering, for the 'Account Matching' field, selecting None will allow this data to appear for all accounts. This can be useful when it's not possible to input account information into an FTP before connecting it to NinjaCat.

New Google Analytics Goal Name Dimension

New in Google Analytics, we've added the Goal Name Dimension. The Goal Name Dimension will list all goals for a given account against Conversions. This can be particularly useful for roll-up reports, where Goal Names are the same from account to account and you want to see the total conversions for a type of goal across all accounts. 

New Font: Roboto Slab

Finally, we've added support for 'Roboto Slab' font.

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