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How To Add The Trade Desk MyReports V3 Network

The Trade Desk is a demand-side platform that facilitates the placement of ads strategically and intelligently. NinjaCat's connection with this powerful platform is continuously evolving. This article outlines the details of the latest version of our integration with The Trade Desk.


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Adding The Trade Desk Network

Connecting The Trade Desk At The Account Level


Adding the Trade Desk Network

1. Go to the Setup Settings

2. Under the Data Sources section, click on the "Add Network" button near the top right of the page



3. Find The Trade Desk MyReports V3 from the list of available network connections then click the "Connect" button



4. Fill in all of the required fields under the Network Settings

5. Check the boxes that correspond to the specific report types you'd like to pull data for

NinjaNote: The report labeled  "Ad Group Performance Report" is the report that traditionally supplied data for the previous versions of The Trade Desk network in NinjaCat. This new version of our integration coincides with an update to The Trade Desk's own platform. This has provided us access to new reports that reorganize the data from The Trade Desk into several reports with specific focuses.

 6. Set the earliest and latest reporting date range if you want to restrict the amount of data coming in

NinjaNote: Setting the "Earliest Reporting Date" sets the oldest boundary for a date range of backfill data.


NinjaNote: The Trade Desk offers two levels of access. Partner level access allows for selecting the Available Reports at the network level. If you choose to selectively pull data for certain reports at the advertiser level, know that you only have advertiser access, or have triggered an error trying to select Available Reports (which possibly suggests advertiser access) you can enable the toggle labeled "Setup reports at account level". This creates the network connection, then lets you select from the "Available Reports" at the Advertiser Account level in NinjaCat. 

6. Click the blue "Add Network" button near the bottom left of the page to complete adding a The Trade Desk MyReports V3 network connection to your Agency


Connecting The Trade Desk At The Account Level

1. Click on "Accounts" in the Top Navigation

2. Click on the desired account in the Account list1.png


3. In the Account Command Center click on the plus "+" near the top right of the card labeled "Data Sources"2.png


4. Select "The Trade Desk MyReports v3" from the list1.png


5. Select the desired The Trade Desk Network from the first drop-down menu3.png


6. If you enabled the toggle for "Setup reports at account level" when you created the network, this is the step after which the report list will be revealed and you will be able to select your desired reports. If you selected your reports when you created the network move on to the next step.6.png


7. Select the desired Account from the second drop-down menu 4.png


8. Click the "Connect" button near the bottom left5.png

NinjaNote: If you need to connect multiple instances of the same data source to one account follow the steps in the article How To Add Multiple Instances of a Single Data Source



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