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Manually Assigning Phone Call Data Values By Tracking Number FAQ

There are some call tracking situations that are best suited by manually attributing the values of Source, Medium, and Campaign to the calls placed to certain tracking numbers. In the NinjaTrack Advanced Number Settings under the Tracking Sources tab, there are three settings, Assign Source, Assign Campaign, and Assign Medium. This article describes in detail what these settings are and some common use cases for how to use these and how they may impact your reporting on phone calls. 


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Accessing the 'Assign Tracking Sources' Tab

How do these settings impact reporting on phone calls?

What are the use cases for when these settings should be used?

What happens if these settings are left blank?

Can I change the Source/Medium/Campaign of historical calls by updating these settings?


Accessing the 'Assign Tracking Sources' Tab

1. Go to the Account Command Center of the desired account

2. For the desired tracking number, click on the menu icon in the "Action" column in the NinjaTrack card.1.png

3. Click on "Edit"


4. Scroll to the 'Tracking Sources' tab


5. Look under 'Assign Data Values'




How do these settings impact the reporting of phone calls?

Using the Call Tracking data source in NinjaCat, clients can report by the dimensions of Source, Campaign Name.  The medium recorded in this section is primarily used for the event that gets sent to Google Analytics if the option to send call events to GA is turned on for that tracking number.

If these values are set in the number settings, then regardless of the source that was detected by the NinjaTrack script, the source and campaign specified will be used as an override.


What are the use cases for when these settings should be used?

Many times when NinjaTrack is used to dynamically swap phone number on a website, information about the source of that phone call, the campaign or the medium of that call can be picked up from the website where where the tracking script is installed.  However, there are times when a tracking number is used in situations where the NinjaTrack DNI script is unable to attribute a phone call. Here are some common use-cases for when these settings should be hard-coded for a given tracking number:

  1.  The tracking number is being used in a call-only campaign or ad call extension.
  2.  The tracking number is being used for an offline source.  For example, print ads, phone numbers on banners, billboards, branded company vehicles, etc.
  3. The tracking number is being used in a single ad campaign where there is only one possible option for each of these items.

In all of the above cases, it is beneficial to set values in the Assign Source, Assign Campaign and Assign Medium settings so that every phone call received will have the appropriate attribution.


What happens if these settings are left blank?

By design if these settings are left blank, the NinjaTrack script will attempt to determine the appropriate source, campaign and medium to assign based on the most recent visitors to the website who was shown the tracking number that was called. If no visitor is found to have been assigned that tracking number within the past hour of the phone call and if these settings are left blank, then the value "Unknown" will be recorded for the source and the campaign and medium will be left blank.


Can I change the source/campaign/medium of historical calls by adjusting these settings?

Adjusting these three settings in the advanced NinjaTrack number settings will only apply these new settings to all future phone calls received by these tracking numbers.  Making changes to these settings will not impact any previous source, campaign or medium that were set by past phone calls. To adjust these settings for all phone calls to a specific tracking number, please reach out to support@ninjacat.io.


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