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NinjaTrack Call Tracking Invoicing With NinjaCat

You may need to communicate the costs of call tracking to your customers. Instead of employing an outside invoice solution, you can use NinjaCat reporting on NinjaTrack data to configure an invoice. This article provides two options for invoicing clients for NinjaTrack call tracking services.


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Create a Client Call Tracking Invoice

Use Custom Metrics to Display a Flat Fee per Call or Conversion


Create a Client Call Tracking Invoice

1. After you've Set up and started using NinjaTrack for call tracking;

2. Access the NinjaCat Template Builder

3. Add a table widget to your template

4. In the widget settings select "Call Tracking" under Data Sources

5. In the widget settings select "Date / Time", "Tracking Number", "Caller Number" under Dimensions

6. In the widget settings select "Duration", "Cost" under Metrics


NinjaNote: You can design and style your invoice as per your usual branding guides for your agency, then set up a regularly recurring report to be mailed to your client on your regular billing schedule.


Use Custom Metrics to Display a Flat Fee per Call or Conversion

1. Follow the steps from the previous section "Create a Client Call Tracking Invoice"

2. Click on "+ Add Custom" under Metrics to create a new Custom Metric

3. Use the instructions below to configure a custom metric to add a dollar amount per call to the cost

NinjaNote: For more information on Custom Metrics check out our knowledge base article, "Configuring a Data Widget"


NinjaNote: If you only charge your clients based on final sales and your agency provides a listening service, call-rating service, or you opt to tag each call with a consistent tag (such as "sale") from within NinjaTrack(details for this in the article, "The Agency NinjaTrack Hub Page"), you can add a tags filter to your invoice widget to only show calls that have the particular tag.


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