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How to Manage Advanced NinjaTrack Features

A NinjaTrack call-tracking number provides a mechanism for you to record the leads generated by your advertising campaigns so that you can prove your value to your clients and increase client retention.  This article guides you through some of the more advanced features available in the setup of a NinjaTrack phone number.


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Access Tracking Number Settings From the Account Command Center

General Information Tab

Call Settings Tab 

Call Routing Tab

Notifications Tab 

Tracking Sources Tab 

Advanced Settings Tab 


Access Tracking Number Settings From the Account Command Center

1. Go to the Account Command Center of the desired account

2. For the desired tracking number, click on the menu icon in the "Action" column in the NinjaTrack card.1.png


3. Click on "Edit"



General Information Tab


NinjaNote: Each settings section on the page is contained in a drop-down menu that can be revealed or hidden by clicking on the section title. In this article, these sections will be referred to as "Tabs".

  • Destination Number (Required)To update the tracking number of your client's business, simply replace the number shown in the "Destination Number" text box in the top-left quadrant.
  • Ext. - If your client's business requires an extension to be dialed once the call has been answered, this extension can be specified in the box provided to the right of the destination number.  
  • Display Name - The display name appears as a label in your listing of tracking numbers in the account overview.  It also can be used as a dimension in your reports and dashboards when showing call tracking data.  
  • Alternate Numbers to Replace - This option is used when the number (or string of text) that needs to be replaced on the website is different from that of the destination number.  Every tracking number in our system is designed to replace a specific phone number or a specific string of characters.  If that string of characters is different from that of the destination number entered above, then the additional phone numbers or string of characters needed to be replaced can be entered in this section. 
    • For additional phone numbers, type in the full phone number including country code with no spaces or punctuation so that all variations of formatting for that phone number will be replaced. Example: If your phone number is: (555) 123-4567, then type in the number 15551234567 followed by the [ENTER] key.  For international numbers, omit the leading zero and replace it with the country code instead.  For example, for the UK number 02 1234 5678, type in the number 44212345678.
    • This feature can be used to replace vanity phone numbers on the website. For example, you can use this feature to replace numbers like 1-855-NINJACAT with your tracking number.
  • Display Format - This section is used to customize how you want the tracking phone number to be displayed on the website.  You can control the formatting or simply put a completely different number in. Any text entered in this section will be used for the replacement text exactly as shown. 
    • For a dynamic number pool, hash sign placeholders can be used in order to specify the pattern to be used by the pool of numbers.  (Example: ###.###.####)


Call Settings Tab


  • Record Call
    • Enable Call Recording - When the box is checked, every completed phone call (every call that has been answered by the recipient of the call) will be recorded.  Depending on your agency settings, the recording will either begin at the start of the ringing of the phone call (after the caller greeting is played) or it will begin once the call has been answered by the recipient. In the latter case, if the caller hangs up before the call was answered or if the call was blocked or failed to route correctly to the recipient, there will not be a recording of that phone call.  The call recording may be shorter than the total duration of the phone call due to the recording starting after the call has been answered.
  • Caller Greeting
    • Play a Greeting to the Caller - When the box is checked, in advance of dialing the destination number, a greeting will be played.
      • Use Recording - Upload a .mp3 or .wav file by clicking on the "Add File" button in this section.
      • Use Text to Speech - Type in a message to be read to the caller, such as "This call will be recorded for quality assurance purposes".
  • Recipient Whisper
    • Play a Whisper to the Recipient - This option gives you the ability to secretly sound a message into the ear of your client with every lead or phone call that you generate.
      • Use Recording - Upload a .mp3 or .wav file by clicking on the "Add File" button in this section.
      • Use Text to Speech - Type in a message to be read to your client before the call is connected, such as "Call from NinjaTrack".

NinjaNote: The whisper will play as soon as the destination number is "answered" by any means. This includes being picked up by an answering machine or call routing service at the recipient's phone number. Usually in such cases, the whisper is rarely heard by the recipient of the call.  Also, while the whisper is being played, the caller experiences a slightly longer ring-time until their call is then "answered" once the whisper has finished playing. This can also mean that the caller may miss the first few seconds of any recorded message from an automated answering service, so it is recommended not to use a whisper in such cases.


Call Routing Tab

  • Key Press Routing (IVR - "Interactive Voice Response") (Toggled left "off" by default. Click to toggle right "on") - Use to route the call to a different destination number if the user presses a specific key on their number pad.
    • "On" (toggled right) - presents the capability to 
      • Select the two keys to be used for routing
      • Enter the destination number(s)
      • Specify whether or not, if callers click on that option, they should count as a conversion.


NinjaNote: This feature is not intended to be used as a full replacement for a business phone system.

  • The most common use cases for this feature is to distinguish between sales calls vs. service calls or first-time callers vs. repeat callers, to distinguish between whether one should be counted as a conversion or not.
  • The second common use case for this feature is to force the user to press a specific key to connect the call, which helps to reduce spam or unwanted calls from robo dialers. If you are using IVR to prevent spam, a second keypress option needs to be enabled but a fake number can be used instead so that only the first keypress will route to your destination.  (Phone numbers with the area code 1 (555) do not exist). 
  • When using the IVR options, please use a caller greeting or text-to-speech features explored in the Call Settings section to give instructions to the caller on which keys should be pressed to connect their call.


  • Alternate Destination Numbers for Off-Hours(Toggled left "off" by default. Click to toggle right "on")
    • "On" (toggled right) - presents the capability to specify the start and end times of the "off hours" window
    • Enter the alternate destination number
    • Play Greeting During Off-Hours(Toggled left "off" by default. Click to toggle right "on") - When on, the greeting established in Call Settings will playScreen_Shot_2020-05-13_at_4.43.56_PM.png

NinjaNote: If your working day goes from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, the times you enter should be those hours in reverse order, with 7:00 pm going in the first box and 8:00 am in the second. 


Notifications Tab

Select the desired features to be enabled for notifications to be sent with every phone call.  This includes:

  • Enable SMS Notifications - If checked, this option will send an SMS message in real-time to the provided number upon the completion of every phone call.
  • Enable Email Notification - If checked, this option will send an email upon the completion of every phone call. The email will be sent to the address specified in the account's call tracking settings.
  • Enable Analytics Event Tracking - If checked, this option will send events in real-time to the primary Google Analytics account added as a data source for this client.
  • Enable Adwords Conversion Tracking - If checked, this option will create a conversion type in the primary connected Adwords account of the name specified here, then a conversion by that name will be sent to Google Ads for every call with an associated gclid.



Tracking Sources Tab

NinjaTrack monitors the details of the web activity that leads a visitor to your clients' websites.  Based upon these details NinjaTrack picks which phone number to dynamically display to that web visitor on your client's site. When the visitor calls, NinjaTrack attributes that call to a source based on the monitored web activity. For example, if you select the "Search" source then "Google" as the search provider and"Paid" is selected as the search type, then tracking numbers will be shown on the website only when the visitor is identified to have come from a Google paid source of advertising.  

The source tracking options that can be customized are

  • Select Tracking Source (Required) - Select a tracking source based on where the visitors are coming from.
    • Tracking Source-specific options
      • Search
        • Select Search Provider (Required)
        • Search Type (Required)
        • Filter Number Swapping By Campaign Selector (existing Loaded PPC Campaigns) - If you select a campaign here then this campaign name must appear in the URL as a parameter for number swapping to occur.


NinjaNote: Full details on the source-tracking requirements are listed in the article What sources are supported using NinjaTrack?

      • Linked Page
        • Site URL - Enter the URL for the Site that will be referring visitors
    • Screen_Shot_2020-05-14_at_5.33.28_PM.png 
      • Specific Page Options
        • Site URL - Enter the URL alias that visitors will be usingScreen_Shot_2020-05-14_at_5.34.05_PM.png
      • Offline - The Offline option allows you to assign parameters to calls that don't have a digital source
    • URL Parameter Filters
      • Required URL Parameters - Values entered here must be a parameter in the URL for number swapping to occur
      • Restricted URL Parameters - Values entered here must NOT be a parameter in the URL for number swapping to occurScreen_Shot_2020-05-14_at_5.38.59_PM.png
  • NinjaNote: The URL parameters that are being identified in the Required OR Restricted areas must appear after the "?" in the website link that the user clicked on as the point of entry to the website where the NinjaTrack script is installed. For example, if the search provider is set as Google Paid and a required URL parameter of "utm_location=newyork" is entered, then only visitors from a paid google ad with the additional parameter will see that tracking number.  The website link that was their point-of-entry to the website might look something like this:  http://www.yoursite.com/?gclid=test&utm_location=newyork.
    • Assign Data Values
      • Assign Campaign - This will assign the Campaign name to all calls received for this number and will appear on the dashboard, in reports, and in Google Analytics. If assigned this will take priority over anything else.
      • Assign Source - This will assign the Source Name to all calls received for this number and will appear on the dashboard, in reports and in Google Analytics. If assigned this will take priority over anything else.
      • Assign Medium - This will assign the Medium to all calls received for this number and will appear in Google Analytics. If assigned this will take priority over anything else.


NinjaNote: These overrides will be assigned to all phone calls that come in, regardless of the campaign, source or medium detected by the call tracking script on the website. In the absence of any entries in these three fields, our script will automatically attempt to locate a recent visitor to the website from the sources being tracked by this number and will attempt to make an association between a phone call and a visitor. If an association is made, our script will assign the campaign, source and medium accordingly. If no website visitor is found to coincide with the phone call, then the value "Unknown", blank or not-set will be recorded for these fields, unless an override is specified in the above settings.


Advanced Settings Tab

The Advanced Settings options that can be customized are

  • WhiteList - Any phone number listed above will be whitelisted for calling the tracking number. This supersedes any blacklists.
  • BlackList - Any phone number listed above will be blacklisted from calling the tracking number.
  • Do Not Replace Destination Number - If this is checked then the destination number will NOT be replaced as part of the Dynamic Number Insertion script.
  • Do Not Include In Paid Reporting - If this is checked then this tracking number will not be considered a Paid source in reporting or dashboard (ignored in the executive summary, AdWords, and Bing reporting).


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