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Account Call Tracking Settings

Setting up a call tracking solution like NinjaTrack involves making lots of decisions. Configuring general settings at a global level for your entire agency, then making specific adjustments on an account by account basis is really helpful. Every NinjaCat Account has an area called the Account Command Center. This area gives access to account-specific settings. Amongst those, are account-specific for call tracking. This article guides you through where to find these settings, what they all do, and how to configure those settings.


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Account Call Tracking Settings

How to Attribute Unspecified 3rd Party Call Tracking Data to an Account


Account Call Tracking Settings

Account-specific call tracking settings are explained in the Setting Call Tracking Details section of the article Customizing a NinjaCat Account.


How to Attribute Unspecified 3rd Party Call Tracking Data to an Account

1. After clicking on "Accounts" in the Top Navigation Bar

2. Click on the desired account from the account list7.png


3. Click on the "Settings" button near the top right8.png


4. The "Account" Tab will be visible by default

5. Click on the "Call Tracking" tab1.png


6. Click on the "Phone Numbers" button near the top right2.png


7. Click on the "Selection" drop-down list to select the desired tracking number to attribute data to this account

8. Select as many or as little PPC options that apply to this particular number

9. In the last two text boxes, type in the desired Conversion Period and Conversion Threshold to use for this phone number

10. Click on the "Add / Modify Call Tracking Number" button to add or update this number (Each row in the table acts as an instruction to the account to collect the data connected to that tracking phone number. For that reason, if you want to update any of the PPC or Conversion data for a number that has already been added you must select the same phone number in a new row and re-enter all of the settings for that phone number.3.png

NinjaNote: New tracking numbers from your call tracking provider that do not have any calls placed prior to the past 24 hours may not appear in the drop-down list.  To correct this, place a test phone call to the tracking number then try again the following day to add the tracking number.

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