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How to Add Call Tracking Data to Client Reports and Dashboards

Now that you have set up your NinjaTrack call tracking solution and a few weeks have passed to collect data from your ad campaigns, you may be ready to start reporting on that data to help inform your advertising decisions about how to optimize your ad campaigns. The following article will guide you through general steps on how to add that data to your client reports. 


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Add Call Tracking Data to a Widget

List of Supported Metrics and Dimensions


Add Call Tracking Data to a Widget

1. Access the NinjaCat Template Builder

2. Add a data widget to your template



3. In the widget settings, select "Call Tracking"

NinjaNote: All NinjaTrack phone call data and 3rd party call tracking phone call data (excluding Google Ads) will show up under this data source.

4. Select the desired Dimensions and Metrics to display the required data


NinjaNote: For bringing in phone call data from Google Ads specifically, add the google ads data source, then select any combination of the following dimensions and metrics: Dimensions: Call Start Time, Call End Time, Call Status, Call Type, Caller Area Code, Caller Country Code
Metrics: Calls, Call Duration (seconds)


List of supported dimensions and metrics

The following dimensions and metrics are supported by the NinjaTrack call tracking solution.

Dimensions Metrics
  • Account
  • Call Duration (Minutes)
  • Call Duration (Seconds)
  • Call ID
  • Caller Name
  • Caller Number
  • Campaign Group
  • Campaign Name
  • City
  • Currency
  • Data Source
  • Date
  • Date / Time
  • Day of Month
  • Day of Week
  • Display Name
  • External ID
  • Hour of Day
  • Key Press
  • Keywords
  • Listen
  • Month of Year
  • Network
  • Notes
  • Quarter
  • Source
  • Source Type
  • State/Province/Region
  • Status
  • Tags 
  • Tracking Number
  • Week of Year
  • Year
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Calls
  • Conversion Rate
  • Conversions
  • Cost
  • Duration
  • Local Calls
  • Local Conversions
  • Missed Call %
  • Missed Calls
  • Organic Calls
  • Organic Conversions
  • PPC Calls
  • PPC Conversions
  • Rating
  • Star Rating


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