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How to track phone numbers for multiple business locations placed on a single website

If your client has a single web page that displays phone numbers for multiple business locations getting data attributed to each specific location can be difficult. With the proper use of UTM parameters in the URLs of the web-based location-targeted adds and the right NinjaTrack settings you can replace different business location phone numbers on a website each with a unique tracking number. This article walks through the steps to set that up and provides a technique to avoid cross-over between the two campaigns using UTM parameters as a filter.


 1. Buy a NinjaTrack phone number for each unique location

2. Access the Tracking Number Settings

3. In the "Tracking Sources" tab, under "Tracking Sources" assign the desired source details accordinglyScreen_Shot_2020-05-27_at_2.13.55_PM.pngNinjaNote: The links contained in your web-based advertising which leads viewers to the phone number displaying landing page must contain UTM parameters.  The next instruction step only works if each location-based targeted ad contains it's own distinct UTM parameter.

4. Under "URL Parameter Filters" enter the corresponding UTM parameter that will link this specific location tracking number to the ad that focuses on its particular location


NinjaNote: Under "Tracking Sources" if "Custom Parameters" is selected from the drop-down menu under "Select Tracking Source" all calls to that phone number will be attributed to these hard-coded values regardless of the source, campaign, or medium that may have been detected by our website script for the most recent visitor from that tracking source. 

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