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What is a Dynamic Number Pool

Being able to track exactly where the majority of your most valuable leads come from gives you the ability to focus your advertising efforts on the most effective campaigns.  Based on call volume, having more than one phone number per source allows for more accurate tracking of leads. A Dynamic Number Pool is a set of phone numbers that rotate on the website with each new visitor. A Dynamic Number Pool being assigned by a Dynamic Number Insertion Script is most useful for tactics like keyword-level tracking or session/source tracking of phone calls that are placed from users visiting your clients' websites. This article explains the purpose, function, and best uses of a Dynamic Number Pool.


How does a Dynamic Number Pool work?

A dynamic number pool is a set of phone numbers that are assigned to your client's business. By using the NinjaTrack dynamic number insertion script on your client's website, the phone number of your client's business will be replaced by a number in the tracking pool of numbers.  These phone numbers rotate through the pool with each visitor so that the source history of each visitor can be tracked with a unique phone number. Once a phone call is placed, regardless of whether it was through a mobile device or from an off-line phone call, NinjaTrack will attribute the source of the phone call to the last visitor that saw that unique phone number. If there were no visitors found who visited the website within 1 hour that the phone call was placed, then the source of the call will be recorded as being "Unknown".

How many numbers do I need in my pool?

To ensure accurate tracking of sources and keywords that led to your phone call leads, each visitor that is viewing the website needs to have a unique phone number. In order to know how many phone numbers are required for accurate keyword-level tracking, you will need to know roughly how many website visitors you have at any given moment. By looking at your Google Analytics data for that website and looking at the website sources that you want to track, you can get a rough idea of how many phone numbers that might be. 

The formula we recommend is to take your peak hourly session traffic from the sources you are tracking with your number pool and divide by four. For example, if you want to track keywords from Google Ads and your peak hourly Google-Paid traffic is 20 user sessions/hour, then you will need 5 phone numbers to accurately track that website. 

Common use cases of a dynamic number pool

For Google Ads keyword-level tracking of phone calls

When Google Ads sends traffic to a website through one of their advertisements, a unique identifier, known as a google click id (gclid), is generated.  With that gclid and access to the Google Ads account of that campaign, we are able to capture the keyword and/or campaign details of the ad that led to the conversion.


For tracking all sources of phone calls

A dynamic number pool can be used to track the source of all phone calls from users who visited your website.  Depending on the referring website and the parameters that are present in the URL of the landing page, we can pinpoint which sources are being most effective at generating phone calls for your business.  

The following table outlines a general overview of how some sources are recognized with NinjaTrack:


Referring website URL Parameters Source
google.com none Google Organic
google.com source=local or source=maps Google Local
googleadservices.com   Google Paid
maps.google.com   Google Local
any  gclid=  Google Paid
any source=google or source=google or source=adwords Google Paid
bing.com none Bing Organic
bing.com source=local or medium=local Bing Local
bing.com/local none Bing Local
bing.com source=bing Bing Paid
bing.com medium=cpc or ppc Bing Paid
bing.com campaign= Bing Paid
bing.com medium=local or medium=maps Bing Local
facebook.com   Facebook
facebook.com source=facebook Facebook
youtube.com   YouTube
youtube.com source=youtube YouTube
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