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The Account Command Center

Once you've created accounts for your advertisers, how do you; monitor, manage data for, and keep up with the progress of those advertisers. NinjaCat's answer is the Account Command Center. The Account Command Center is the single area where you can edit all of your accounts' details. This article is a guide to what you will see in the Account Command Center.

Access The Account Command Center

1. After clicking on "Accounts" in the Top Navigation Bar

2. Click on the desired account from the account list


1. Account Name - Identifies which account is being edited

2. Account Dashboard Link - Loads dashboard for the account

3. Account Settings - Takes you to the several tabs of detailed configuration for the account

4. Account Owner Information - Name and photo of team member assigned as Account Owner

5. Data Sources Card - Section for set up and configuring data sources specific to the account

6. NinjaTrack Card - Section for set up and configuring NinjaTrack call tracking for this account

7. Reports Card - Section for creating and managing Report Profiles for this account

8. KPIs Card - Section for creating and monitoring metric based goals for this account

9. Change History Card - Section for creating date based entries that communicate updates, changes, and progress of this account.


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