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Setting Up Agency Library Filters

Your greatest efficiency comes from having scalable and flexible report templates. Library Filters are data filters that are created and live outside of templates. They can be brought into a template from a universal list. The Filters' values are also customizable on an account by account basis allowing you the flexibility of using one template for multiple accounts even if those accounts filter a given data source using different values. This article explains how to create Library Filters at the agency setup level, how to customize the Filters at the account level, and how to insert the Filters into a template.


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Create And Edit a Global Filter

Edit a Global Filter at Account Level

Add Global Filter to Template


Create and Edit a Global Filter

1. Go to the Setup Settings

2. Click on "Library" in the Setup sub-navigation bar



3. Click on the "Create Global Filter" button near the top right2.png


4. Type name for Filter in the "Unique System Name" field

5. Select Data Source

6. Select Dimension

7. Select Filter Method

8. Either enter the most used filter value in the "Value" field or leave the field blank to be customized at the account level

9. Click on the "Save" button3.png


NinjaNote: If the Data Source you've selected is one of NinjaCat's Custom Data Source Networks (Google Sheets, Custom Email, URL, FTP, or SQL) you will be presented with the option to select the desired Data Source Custom Mapping. Once your desired Custom Mapping is selected your desired Dimension for filtering will be available.1.png


10. To Edit an already existing Global Filter choose the desired Filter from the list

11. Click on the "Pencil" button next to the desired filter4.png


12. After any and all changes Click on the "Save" button


Edit a Global Filter at Account Level

1. After clicking on "Accounts" in the Top Navigation Bar

2. Click on the desired account from the account list5.png


3. Click on the "Settings" button near the top right6.png


4. Click on the "Library" tab under Account Settings7.png


5. Click on the "Pencil" button next to the desired filter in the Global Filters list4.png


6. Change either the Filter by method or the Value or both.

7. After any and all changes click the "Save" button near the bottom left9.png


Add Global Filter to Template

1. Access the NinjaCat Template Builder

2. In the Widget Settings of the widget you’re editing click "Add From Filter Library" under the                    "Filters" section in the bottom right10.png


3. Click on the name of the desired filter11.png


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