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Premium White Labeling Options

The desire to take the tailoring of your reporting image to the next level is provided by Premium White Labeling. NinjaCat's Premium White Labeling options are five aspects of the platform that are not able to be configured from within the interface. The details of what the five aspects are and how they can be customized are explained below. Customizing any of these five aspects of the platform can only be done by contacting your NinjaCat Customer Success Manager.


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Customizable Site URL (Cname)



Logo, Favicon, Page Title and Menu Color


Customizable Site URL (Cname)

Default log-in URLs are as follows:

  • NInjaCat agency platform users (you and your colleagues): https://app.ninjacat.io/ or https://yourcompanyname.ninjacat.io. For example, https://bestagencyever.ninjacat.io
  • Account Dashboard users (your clients): https://mymarketingreports.com 

With Customizable Site URL you may change this to ‘anything.yourdomain.com’, where yourdomain is a domain you own and anything is any string comprised of alphanumeric characters. For example, reports.bestagencyever.com (assuming you own the domain bestagencyever.com).



You will be able to select a background image to display on the log in page for both the account dashboards and agency platform1.png

NinjaNote: Supported file types: JPEG or GIF Recommended image dimensions: 1500 x1500

The image's context should be focused in the center of the image, with no logos or text that approach the image's edges. Basically, keep the important context of the image in the center yellow rectangle:Screen_Shot_2020-01-16_at_9.23.07_AM.png The top and bottom yellow rectangles can also be used in most cases, but little to no important content should reside in the far left or right 25% of the image, as these areas may be hidden from view depending on the type of device utilized and screen resolutions.



You can select an image that is placed above the login credential fields on the log in page for both the account dashboards and agency platform2.pngNinjaNote: Supported file types: JPEG or GIF Recommended image dimensions: 200x100


Logo, Favicon, Page Title and Menu Color

The ‘Logo’ (Recommended dimensions: 75 x 60) is the image in the very top left-hand corner of the platform interface. The ‘Favicon’(Recommended dimensions: 32 x 32) is the small icon located in the address bar and web browser tab. The ‘Page Title’ is the text located in the browser tab next to the ‘Favicon’. Also, you may modify the background color of your NinjaCat navigation menu by providing the desired Hex or RGB code(s) to your CSM. A light color is recommended so the tab labels remain clearly visible.3.png


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