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Setting Agency Default Margins for Currency Metrics

When you want to display cost numbers in your report with your agency operating costs included, setting up margins in NinjaCat will allow this. Margins in NinjaCat allow you to increase the displayed cost (or spend) based metrics in your reports and dashboards. This article explains the steps of setting up margins at the Agency Level. After reading you will know how to add a margin by percentage to a particular data source and input the start date for the margin.


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 Access Agency Margins

Create and Edit Margin


Access Agency Margins

1. Go to the Setup Settings

2. Click on "Agency Settings" in the Setup sub-navigation bar1.png


4. Click on the "Margins" tab under Agency Settings1.png


Create and Edit Margin

1. Click on the desired Data Source to configure a margin2.png


2. Click on the "Plus" button under Margins3.png


3. Click on "Set" under "Start Date"

4. Select the month and year for the margin start4.png


5. Click on "Set" under "Margin"

6. Either type numbers or click the arrow stepper to input the percentage of the total spend which constitutes the margin.

NinjaNote: If the Data Source spend is $750 and your markup is $250, your margin is 25% ($250 is 25% of the total = $1000) and would be input as .255.png


7. Click the "Save Margins" button near the bottom left

To edit an already created margin:

Click on the data source network for which you want to edit an existing margin

On this screen, you can change the start date, the margin percentage or delete the margin altogether6.png


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