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How to Reset Your Password

With so many passwords to keep track of these days, it's easy for anyone to forget one now and then. To help you quickly regain access to your reports and dashboards, NinjaCat offers you the ability to reset your own password. This article will walk you through the steps to reset your own password in NinjaCat. 

1. Go to app.ninjacat.io

2. Click on "Forgot your password?" under the Password field



3.  Enter the email address you use with NinjaCat



4. Click the "Send Email" button near the bottom left of the page

NinjaNote: A message will appear below the Email Address field letting you know that an email has been sent

 5. Go to your email inbox, and look for the reset password email


NinjaNote: the Reset Your Password email will come from the email address "donotreply@mymarketingreports.com"

6. Click the "Reset Your Password" button contained inside the email

7. Enter your new password in the field


NinjaNote: Click the "Eyeball" button to the right of the field to toggle a decrypted, or encrypted view of the text you're typing in the Password field 

8. Click the "Reset Password" button near the bottom left of the page

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