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How to Change Your Password

It's a good practice to update your password every 30–90 days to help keep your account secure.  NinjaCat offers you the ability to update your own password when logged in to our platform. This article will walk you through the steps of how to change your password.

NinjaNote: If you're unable to log in to your NinjaCat account, learn How to Reset Your Password


1. Click on your name near the top right of the page to reveal the User Dropdown Menu1.png


2. Click on "Profile" from the User Dropdown Menu2.png


3. Click on "Change Password" near the top right of the page3.png


4. Enter your new password in the field4.pngNinjaNote: Click the "Eyeball" button to the right of the field to toggle a decrypted, or encrypted view of the text you're typing in the Password field 

5. Click the "Change Password" button near the bottom left of the page

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