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How to Access the Setup Settings

If you're looking to add a new network connection, manage users, update your Agency's default settings, or update your billing information in NinjaCat—you're going to need access to the Setup settings. This article will guide you through how to access the Setup settings in NinjaCat, as well as the necessary User Role permissions to view this area of our platform.


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Accessing the Agency Setup Settings

Necessary User Role Permissions



Accessing the Agency Setup Settings

1. Click on your name near the top right of the page to reveal the User Dropdown Menu



2. Click on "Setup" from the User Dropdown Menu



3. Click on the desired option from the Setup sub-navigation to access its settings


 NinjaNote: Depending on the level of permissions assigned to your User Role you may not have access to all of the possible setting options found under the Setup settings. To change your permissions, please contact a NinjaCat admin from your team.


Necessary User Role Permissions

Only certain permissions allow access to the Setup settings in NinjaCat. One or more of the following permissions must be enabled in the User Role assigned to your account to see the "Setup" option in the User Dropdown Menu:

  • Manage Networks - Add and manage Agency level network connections
  • Manage Agency Settings - Change Agency level settings and defaults
  • Manage Users - Edit existing and add new Users and User Roles to NinjaCat
  • Manage NinjaTrack - Create new and edit existing numbers for NinjaTrack.
  • Upgrade Agency - Upgrade Agency payment options
  • View NinjaTrack Reporting - View and edit details of calls to NinjaTrack

NinjaNote: To learn how to update the permissions of a User Role read the article Creating and Customizing User Roles

Setting Your Agency Default Settings >>>

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