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Adding a New User

When you identify someone who needs NinjaCat, you'll need to invite them to become a User of your Agency in our platform. Users are the people you'd like to allow access to NinjaCat. This article will guide you through inviting a new agency level user, managing user invites, and some frequently asked questions about Users in NinjaCat.

NinjaNote: To access the options of NinjaCat shown in this article your account must have a User Role that includes the permission "Manage Users". To change your permissions, please contact a NinjaCat admin from your team.


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How to Add a New User

Resending or Canceling User Invites

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Add a New User

Below are the steps which you will need to follow to access and create a new user from your Agency settings. Note that in order to access these options your NinjaCat account must have a user role which includes the permission "Manage Users".

1. Go to the Setup Settings

2. Click on "Users" from the Setup sub-navigation bar


3. From the Users tab under Users click the "Add User" button near the top right of the page


4. Fill in all the fields under Add User


  • Name - the name of the user as it will display when they log in to NinjaCat (this field is required)
  • Email - the email address of the user you are adding. This is where their invitation to access NinjaCat will be sent (this field is required)
  • Roles (toggle switch) - which of your Agency's User Roles, which determine level of access and permissions, you would like to assign to this user
    • "On" (toggle right) - adds the role to the user
    • "Off" (toggle left) - removes the role from the user
  • Accessible Accounts - choose which accounts in your NinjaCat Agency you would like this user to be able to access
    • Full Access (toggle switch)
      • "On" (toggle right) - allows user access to all of the accounts in NinjaCat
      • "Off" (toggle left) - limits the user's access to only the accounts shown in the Selected list
    • Search - will filter which accounts are shown in the Available list
    • Available list - all the accounts in your Agency available to be added to the Selected list
    • Selected list - all the accounts in your agency that are currently accessible to this user
    • Add All - will add all of the accounts currently displayed in the Available list to the Selected list
    • Add - will add all accounts selected with a blue check mark under the 'Available' list to the the Selected list
    • Remove - will remove all Accounts selected with a blue check mark under the Selected' list, removing this user's access to those accounts.
    • Remove All - will remove all of the accounts currently in the Selected list

5. Click the "Invite User" button near the bottom left of the page to email the user an invitation to use NinjaCat

Resending or Canceling User Invites

1. Go to the Setup Settings

2. Click on "Users" from the Setup sub-navigation bar

3. Click on the "Invites" tab under the Users  sub-navigation1.png

4. Click on the "Envelope" button under the "Re-send" column to send a new invite to the email                address under the "Email" column

5. Click on the "Trash can" button under "Cancel" column to cancel the invite2.pngNinjaNote: The above page is what a user will see when they follow an emailed link to a canceled invite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I add a User without sending an invite?

A: No. The User must create their own password so they must be invited.

Q: Can I use a username instead of an email?

A: No. An email is required in order to send the invite to the 

Q: What email address does the User invite email come from?

A:  donotreply@mymarketingreports.com

Q: Can I customize the invitation email that is sent to potential users?

A: Yes. Those details are explained in the article Customizing Your Email Templates


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