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NinjaCat & - Week of 11/04/2019

What's New

NinjaTrack: Send Conversions to Google Ads

  • You now have the ability to record Conversions directly in Google Ads
  • Under the Notifications section, check ‘Enable AdWords Conversion Tracking’ to start tracking conversions in Google Ads. By default, conversions will be tracked in the ‘Phone Call’ action but can be configured to an alternate action.

Separate User Pools

  • Previously, an email address that was used in another Agency, it could not be used in a 2nd agency.
  • Now, we have the ability to create a separate pool of users on an Agency basis.
  • After enabling the separate pool of users, your users must log in to your specific domain or CNAME and can no longer use the generic ninjacat.io or mymarketingreport.com domains.
  • Once migrated to a separate pool, this change cannot be undone for that Agency.
  • To see if this feature is right for you, reach out directly to your Customer Success Manager.


  • In the Call Tracking Dashboard, there was an issue where the “Duration” of the call did not match the duration listed on the actual recording. This has been resolved by changing how we associate the call end time.
  • When purchasing a NinjaTrack number, between selecting the number and actually purchasing the number, the number would sometimes become unavailable. We have updated the error message to better inform the user.
  • For MediaMath, a limitation in the API was preventing us from gathering more than 90 days worth of data. This resulted in gaps in data. We’ve changed the way we request data and now we will gather all historical data and save it in the data warehouse.
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