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Resetting a User's Password

Now and again, you may be asked to reset a user's password.  Resetting a User's password (as opposed to a user changing their own password or a user resetting their own password) is an admin task that a NinjaCat admin user may have to perform. This guide will walk you through how to locate a user and reset their password.

NinjaNote: To access the options of NinjaCat shown in this article your account must have a User Role that includes the permission "Manage Users". To change your permissions, please contact a NinjaCat admin from your team.


1. Go to the Setup Settings

2. Click on "Users" from the Setup sub-navigation bar



3. Click on the desired user from the Users list



4. Click on the "Reset Password" button near the top right of the page



 5. Fill in the Enter New Password field


NinjaNote: Click the "Eyeball" button to the right of the field to toggle a decrypted, or encrypted view of the text you're typing in the Enter New Password field 

6. Click the "Change Password" button near the bottom left

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