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How To Create a NinjaCat Account

An Account in NinjaCat is a profile representing an advertiser or business segment that you would like to view data for. NinjaCat offers a variety of fields under an Account which can be used in your data visualizations. This article will walk you through how to create a new account as well as the definitions for the fields available during the initial account creation.


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Creating An Account

Account Info Fields


Creating An Account

1. After clicking on "Accounts" in the Top Navigation Bar

2. Click the "Add Account" button near the upper right1.png


3. Fill out the appropriate fields for the account with any and all information you want to store2.png


4. Click on the "Save" button near the bottom left

NinjaNote: The only field required to save a new Account is "Company Name"


Account Info Fields

The following fields are available during the initial account creation. All of these fields are available to be included in your reports and dashboards using the Clips feature in the Template Builder unless stated otherwise.

  • Upload Company Logo - the image added here will be displayed in the top left of a dashboard, and is available in the Template Builder under the "Account Logo" option of the Image widget. Supported file types are JPEG, PNG, and GIF under 1mb
  • Company Name - Name of the client account.
  • Primary Contact - Name of the account's primary contact.
  • Email - Email of the account's primary contact.
  • Phone Number - Primary account's phone number.
  • External ID - A unique identifier for the account. This field can be used to tie accounts to data brought in from a custom data source (google sheets, email, etc.).
  • Custom Field -  Text placed in this field can be used in a template or the email body of a scheduled report. This field can only be found after creating an account and going into account settings.
  • Account Owner - Select the account manager from the list of users.
  • Account Groups - Group accounts together to roll up data across multiple accounts
  • Tags - Groups together multiple accounts for a dashboard view of account performance in the accounts tab. Tags can not be used in the clips feature in the Template Builder.

For more information on this section, read the article Customizing A NinjaCat Account


                                                                                                               The Account Command Center >>>

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