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NinjaCat - September 24th, 2019

What’s New

Google Ads - Better support for all Ad Types

  • We’re excited to announce that we’ve vastly improved the way that we handle Ad Display for Google Ads.
  • We now fully support the following Ad formats:
    • Call-only ads
    • Display ads
    • Dynamic search ads
    • Expanded dynamic search ads
    • Expanded text ads
    • Gmail ads
    • Image ads
    • Responsive ads
    • Responsive display ads
    • Responsive search ads
    • Shopping ads
    • Shopping ads (goal-optimized)
    • Showcase ads
    • Text ads
    • Third-party ads
    • Universal app ads
  • In addition to better support for these Ad Types, we’ve also added the various components of these Ad types, so you can display individual parts of your ads.
  • We’ve added the following dimensions to Google Ads:
    • Gmail ad headline
    • Gmail ad marketing image headline
    • Headlines (multi-asset responsive display)
    • Long headline (multi-asset responsive display)
    • Responsive Search Ad headlines
    • Universal App Ad headlines
    • Expanded Text Ad Description 2
    • Gmail ad description 
    • Gmail ad marketing image description
    •  Descriptions (multi-asset responsive display)
    • Responsive Search Ad descriptions
    • Universal App Ad descriptions 
    • Call to action text (responsive)
    • Gmail ad marketing image call to action text
    • Call to action text (multi-asset responsive display)
    • Promotion text (multi-asset responsive display)
    • Promotion text (responsive)
    • Universal App Ad mandatory ad text
    • Creative Final Url Suffix

Simpli.fi - New Geofence Dimensions / Metrics

  • We’ve made updates to Geofence dimensions and metrics in Simpli.fi

Geo Conversion Lift Statistics By Campaign By Day


  • Campaign
  • Campaign Type
  • Campaign Id


  • Geo-Conversion Lift
  • New User Conversion Lift
  • Natural Users
  • Natural Converters
  • New Natural Converters
  • Natural Days To Convert
  • Natural Conversion Rate
  • Campaign Users
  • Campaign Converters
  • New Campaign Converters
  • Campaign Days To Convert
  • Campaign Conversion Rate

Audience Insights By Campaign


  • Campaign
  • Campaign Id
  • Insights Details Category
  • Insights Details Demographic


  • Impression Composition
  • Impression Index

Geofencing By Campaign By Target and Conversion Fence by day


  • Campaign
  • CampaignType
  • Campaign Id
  • GeoFence
  • GeoFence Id
  • GeoFence Id conversion GeoFence Name
  • Conversion GeoFence Id
  • Daily Estimated Budget


  • Geofencing Total Budget
  • Geofencing Total Spend
  • Geofencing Impressions
  • Geofencing Clicks


  • In Dashboards that had pages with no data, instead of dropping the page, the 0 values were being shown. Now, if all data widgets on a page have no data, we'll hide the page.
  • In Dashboards, URLs are now clickable when included in Text widgets. 
  • NinjaTrack calls were not being previously recorded as events in Google Analytics. We have improved the functionality to ensure that the event gets recorded as expected.
  • In Google Ads, the ‘Search (Absolute Top) % metric was sometimes showing an unusually high number. This was fixed so the correct value will return every time.
  • Google Ads was not showing headline text when using the aggregate Ad dimension. All content should appear for the Aggregate Ad Dimension. We also improved the formatting of that ad dimension.
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