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Agency Wide Settings - Supported Currencies for Currency Conversion

This article contains a complete list of the current currencies supported by NinjaCat's Currency Conversion feature.

All currency conversion values are calculated on a daily basis using the conversion rates reported by the European Central Bank. All currency conversion values for Saturday, Sunday and public holidays recognized by the European Central Bank will use the conversion rate reported on the previous working day.


Currency Code Currency Symbol
US Dollar USD $
Euro EUR
Canadian Dollar CAD $
Pound Sterling GBP £
Japanese Yen JPY ¥
Australian Dollar AUD $
Swiss Franc CHF CHF
Chinese Yuan CNY ¥ or 元
Swedish Krona SEK kr
Mexican Peso MXN $
New Zealand Dollar NZD $
Singapore Dollar SGD $
Hong Kong Dollar HKD $ or HK$ or “元”
Norwegian Krone NOK kr
South Korean Won KRW
Turkish Lira TRY
Indian Rupee INR
Russian Rouble RUB
Brazilian Real BRL R$
South African Rand ZAR R
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