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How To Add a Direct Network Connection

A Direct Network Connection connects NinjaCat to your full, unfiltered data from all of your major data providers. A Direct Network Connection is our highest level data source connection.  After following a few quick steps, data from major data providers will be delivered to NinjaCat, ready to route to specific advertisers or filter and visualize in a template.

  NinjaNote: To access the options of NinjaCat shown in this article your account must have a User Role that includes the permission "Manage Data". To change your permissions, please contact a NinjaCat admin from your team.


Create a New Network

To connect to the data source follow the steps below to create a new network.

1. Go to the Setup Settings

2. Click on the "Add Network" button near the top right.1.png


3. Select the desired data source from the list.

NinjaNote: Data sources can be filtered by searching or by category.2.png


4. Once the desired data source is found, click on the "Connect" button under its logo.3.png


5. On the Network Settings screen, you can customize the name of the network connection appropriately.

NinjaNote: Pay attention to the help text on the side to get invaluable insight for setting-up your new network connection.4.png


6. Click the "Add Network" button near the bottom left.

7. You will be presented with a window to authenticate with the required credentials and also allow the appropriate permissions.

When complete you will be returned to your list of connected data source network connections.

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