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NinjaCat - August 28th, 2019

What’s New

  • You now have the ability to export the Report List screen to CSV.
  • For Google Ads, we’ve added Search Rank Lost (Absolute Top) IS and Search Budget Lost (Absolute Top) IS metrics.


  • In NinjaTrack, Filter Settings were not properly filtering any calls from the list. This has been fixed, and now filtering will work as expected.
  • In Google Ads, we were incorrectly displaying the value for Absolute Top Impression Percentage, Search Rank Lost Absolute Top Impression Share, Search Rank Lost Top Impression Share, Search Top Impression Share, and Top Impression Percentage. We’ve corrected our miscalculation and you should now see the correct values in all cases.
  • In the Choozle Integration, the data source specific Campaign and Ad Group Name dimensions were not included in the aggregate campaign and ad group dimensions. You’ll now see aggregate Campaign and Ad Group dimensions for Choozle.
  • In SQL custom data sources, previously, when no external ID was provided, we returned all data from the table for the account. We’ve corrected this and now if no external ID is provided, we will not return any data for that account.
  • In certain circumstances, a process was causing us to fall behind on KPIs and Budgets. We’ve resolved it and you shouldn’t see any gaps in data for KPIs and Budgets due to this issue.
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