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Separate User Pools By Domain

When a user account is created in any agency across the entire NinjaCat platform that user is unique. Issues arise when you try to use a previously used email address to create a new user account. The email address used to create that user account cannot be used again to create a new user account system-wide. Under certain situations, it can be helpful to allow an agency to reuse an email address allocated to an existing user log in a separate agency. Some situations that cause this are:

  • When a user needs to access multiple agencies within a 'Parent/Child' agency setup
  • When an agency acquires a new customer that had previously logged into dashboards made by another agency using NinjaCat
  • When an entity is so large that it uses multiple NinjaCat using agencies for its marketing needs

When this situation occurs, an agency can request to have a separate user pool created just for them. This allows a new user account to be created based on an email address that may be currently allocated to a user another agency.


Feature Activation Request

If your agency is interested in separating your NinjaCat Agency into a secluded web domain for the purpose of creating a user login based on an email address previously used in another agency; that can be enabled by NinjaCat at your request. Contact the main NinjaCat user in your agency. They will reach out to and partner with your agency's Customer Success Manager here at NinjaCat to begin the process. If you aren’t aware of your Customer Success Manager contact our Customer Advocate Team through support. They will contact your agency’s Customer Success Manager and the documented point of contact for your agency will be consulted on the request, implementation, and result of separating your NinjaCat Agency into a secluded web domain to give it its own, separate user pool.


Expected Behavior

When your agency has its own separate user pool it can no longer be accessed by the universal platform website address of 'app.ninjacat.io' or the universal generic website address of 'mymarketingreports.com. Once the separate user pool is created your agency's NinjaCat webpage can be accessed by the company-specific custom website address in the form of 'companyname.ninjacat.io' or companyname.mymarketingreports.com. If your agency has already created a white-labeled, custom website address that is another way to access NinjaCat if you have a separate user pool. 

The website access restriction for an agency with a separate user pool is in place whether the user is accessing NinjaCat as a team member of an agency for administrative, creative or research purposes, AND when the user is a customer of an agency accessing a report or dashboard to view their data. For that reason, if your agency separates its user pool any bookmarks made by agency team members or customers to 'app.ninjacat.io' or 'mymarketingreports.com' will cease to work.

Users created in separate user pools from previously used email addresses are still unique user accounts. The profiles and details of each user in separate user pools will stay distinct even if they are generated from the same email address.


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