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NinjaCat - August 14th, 2019

What's New

Error Notifications for FTP and S3

  • When editing mapping for the mentioned data sources there are two new fields (non-required) on the “Information” tab
    • Users can now add a Report Email - this is the email address that users will enter to get status updates sent to. If they choose to receive an email. If no email address is entered, no email will be sent.
    •  Toggle “Only receive a status report for files that fail to process.” If this toggle is enabled (ON) you will only receive emails that have failed or have errors transferring. If there is an email entered but this toggle is not enabled (OFF) then an email will be sent with any status update upon the data transfer.
  • Previously there was no way for users to know if there was an error in a data transfer for the mentioned networks. There is now a toggle allowing users to select if and how they would like to be notified of the status of their data transfers. The email message received will have a color-coded header alerting the user the status: 
    • Red - error 
    • Yellow - Successful transfer with warnings (ie - blank rows or non-matching accounts
    • Blue - Successful
  • The email will contain: 
    • Date and Time of processing.
    • Name of the File.
    • Name of the Data Source and Mapping.
    • Errors or Success message.

Google My Business - Additional Metrics

  • Chain Queries
  • Photo Views - Merchant
  • Photo Views - Customers
  • Photo Counts - Merchant
  • Photo Counts - Customers

Allowing adding URL Parameters to any source

  • In our previous release, we added the capability to allow for restricted URL parameters to Pools and Search Tracking Sources for Single Numbers.
  • We have now extended this feature to all tracking sources for both single tracking numbers and pools in order to provide greater flexibility for agencies to isolate having a specific account’s information being sent over when multiple accounts are used within the same DNI script.
  • These fields will be found within the “Tracking Sources” section titled “URL Parameter Filters”

Pool Notification Email - Adding the “missed swap %” metric

  • We have added a new column to the “overconsumed” section of the email to provide better insight, called the “missed swap %” value.
  • This value shows the percentage of web site visits that were lost in the period due to overconsumption.
  • We have also improved the value that we display for the “recommended pool size” by introducing a field within Setup>Call Tracking>Settings Page called “Properly Attributed Calls Threshold”.  
    • This is a percentage value that must be assigned if opting to receive the over-consumed information within an email.  This is the value where the agency will provide a minimum tolerance level of call attribution accuracy which will help us to recommend an appropriate pool size.

And More

  • Facebook update to v4.0
  • Twitter Ads update to v5


  • In Google Analytics, when using Regex filtering for “Page” Dimension, long regex strings or regex strings using ‘OR’ were not working as expected. We’ve resolved this issue so now longer regex strings and strings with OR will work.
  • In Facebook Ads, due to the Facebook update to version 4.0, Video 95% Views and Video Avg. % Viewed has been deprecated
  • In Google Ads, when a large number of accounts appear on the account list, if there were too many accounts, they would not get listed. We’ve improved the way we handle large accounts. If you have less than 1000 accounts, you’ll see all of your accounts, like before. If you have more than 1000 accounts, you’ll need to search for your account first.
  • In Google My Business, “Last Month” data was incorrect, including the first day of the next month. This has been fixed and will no longer include dates from “next month”.
  • In Google My Business, we fixed an issue where large accounts lists weren’t showing all the accounts. Moving forward, you should be able to see all your Google My Business accounts on the account list.
  • In Facebook Ads, large Facebook Ads accounts were sometimes experiencing errors while trying to load their account lists. We’ve resolved this issue so you shouldn’t receive errors when loading your account lists.
  • In a recent release, we implemented a feature to improve the performance when loading large Network Account Lists (1000+ accounts) by adding search capability to Account list selection. This had the unintended effect of leaving existing selections on the Account List for Client Account level providers blank. We’ve corrected this and now you should always see the selected Account for all Providers at the Client Account Level. 
  • In Snapchat, Paid Frequency & Swipe Up rates were previously returning incorrect values. We’ve corrected these issues and you should now see the correct values.
  • Some Simpli.fi calculate metrics (Geofencing CTR, Geofencing Average CPM, Geofencing Average CPC, Geofencing Average CPA) were displaying as integers instead of currency or percentage. These metrics have now been fixed and will now show the appropriate formatting.
  • In Simpli.fi, accounts with more than 50 campaigns were showing incomplete data in some cases. We've increased the allowable campaigns to 500 and all data will now show for all accounts.
  • SQL custom data sources were removing negative signs on metric values in the template editor and in reports. This has now been addressed and the values are displaying properly.
  • In Telmetrics, we fixed an issue where Ring Count and Call Duration were summing and not averaging. This should now average appropriately moving forward.
  • In AppNexus, Video completions were averaging instead of summing. This has been resolved and will now sum the total as expected.
  • On Dashboards, a recent change to the behavior was causing very large dashboards to appear blank until all data had loaded. Depending on the size of the dashboard, this could take an unreasonable amount of time. We've improved the logic so the page that you're looking at will load first and you'll see your dashboards in a timely fashion.
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