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NinjaCat - July 23rd, 2019

What's New

NinjaTrack Script - URL parameters triggers

  • You now have more granular control over number switching. Previous, you could specify a single URL parameter to trigger the number swap. Now, you have the ability to only trigger on certain URL parameters using the new ‘Restricted URL Parameters’ field. This will be particularly useful when you have multiple NinjaCat accounts tied to the same website. Instructions on how to access the feature can be viewed here.


  • In LinkedIn Organizations, sometimes the token was broken when first connecting the data source. It should always connect correctly now.
  • In AppNexus, previously we were averaging the totals of the 25% Complete, 50% Complete, 75% Complete, and 100% Complete fields. This has been fixed to properly sum the total.
  • In Sizmek, we resolved an issue where Spend was not appearing in some cases, and are better handling situations where the Spend data is not available in that Network account
  • In ReachLocal v2, previously we weren’t able to have a widget with more than one dimension and metric pairing when using dimensions related to Facebook and Youtube breakdowns. For instance, for the Facebook breakdowns, Age paired with Clicks, Impressions, and Reach would return no value. We’ve updated the compatibility groups so that we can have multiple metrics for a dimension.
  • In addition, in ReachLocal v2, we’ve added Device Type dimensions for Search Activity and YouTube and corrected the Aggregate dimension ‘Device Type’ for ReachLocal.
  • On the NinjaTrack Monitoring Page, previously, when multiple pages of calls appeared, and you edited a call on any page other than the first, it would return you back to the first. To make this page a little more user-friendly, we’ll save your place, and keep you on your current page.
  • Also on the NinjaTrack Monitoring Page, Agencies on the new NinjaTrack beta were seeing ‘NinjaCat’ appear in the URL when they clicked the ‘Listen’ button. We’ve white-labeled this to show ‘call-recordings’ instead.
  • When using a NinjaTrack script within an object node within the HTML of your website, the NinjaTrack number was failing to swap. Numbers should now swap as expected.
  • NinjaTrack numbers would also fail to swap if there was a hidden character within the number. We are now removing any hidden characters to handle the number swapping correctly.



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