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NinjaCat - July 11th, 2019



  • We’re excited to introduce native support for TelMetrics
  • Telmetrics is a call tracking provider, however, it will not appear under the generic “Call Tracking” data source. Instead, it will appear as its own, stand-alone data source
  • Telmetrics will be connected to NinjaCat with your Telmetric Username and Password
  • For more information, please click here.


Updated Google Branding


  • Recently, Google rebranded many of its products. Google will no longer be using the AdWords or DoubleClick brand names.

  • At the Agency Level:
    • Google AdWords has become Google Ads
    • DoubleClick has become Google Marketing Platform

  • At the Account Level:
    • Google AdWords has become Google Ads
    • DoubleClick for Publishers has become Google Ad Manager
    • DoubleClick Search has become Google Search Ads 360
    • DoubleClick Bid Manager has become Google Display & Video 360
    • DoubleClick Campaign Manager has become Google Campaign Manager

  • To reduce confusion, any existing AdWords or DoubleClick data sources at the Agency, Account and existing widget levels will retain their existing names
  • Any new data sources will have the newly updated names

And more...

  • In NinjaTrack, we’ve added a new dimension called “Call Duration (Seconds). This new dimension will allow you to filter calls on a more granular basis, to the second
  • We’ve updated the way we handle widgets, pages, and tabs that don’t have data on Dashboards. Currently, when you run a report and a widget or page doesn’t have data, we hide that widget or page. You’ll now see the same behavior on your dashboards
  • We’ve added a number of Simpli.fi Geofencing related metrics


  • In Facebook, in some cases when reporting on Ad Reaction Types, data was being double-counted. We’re now always reporting Reactions accurately
  • Also, in Facebook Ads, the Action Value metric has been labeled as deprecated
  • In Facebook Ads, it was previously incorrectly possible to use the Relevance Score metric with dimensions other than Ad, which would, in turn, create an error because Relevance Score isn’t applicable outside of Ad. You can now only associate Relevance Score with Ad related dimensions
  • Finally, for Facebook, networks with very large account lists were taking a very long time to load. We’ve changed the behavior to search for accounts where the user will need to type in the first 3 characters of the desired account to limit the number of accounts loaded at one time
  • In Facebook Insights, we’ll always use the Account timezone, which will make data slightly more accurate
  • In Google Ads, sometimes the destination URL was not correct. The destination URL will be accurate now
  • In Simpli.fi, a few combinations of metrics, specifically those metrics related to GeoFencing, were returning no data. We’ve added new Geofencing metrics to the Data Source which can now be used in any combination and will return data
  • In Twitter Organic, sometimes the full text of a tweet was not appearing. We’ve updated this dimension to show the full text. In addition, we’ve added a new dimension called “Formatted Tweet” which are hyperlinked
  • In Google Search Console, when running yearly reports with year over year comparisons, we were sometimes running into rate limits. We’ve adjusted the way we request this much data, and we should be able to request these timeframes now
  • In Waze, there was previously a limitation on reporting further than 31 days. We’ve made updates to the integration and you’ll now be able to report further back
  • In Vendasta, all date consolidation options are available
  • In Instagram Business Profile, you’re now able to do comparisons larger than 27 days. In addition, metrics will always be accurate on scorecards
  • In Yext, data will always appear on the reports and we’ve updated our compatibility groups
  • For Google My Business, those network accounts with a very large number of individual accounts in it were not showing all accounts in certain browsers. You’ll now see the full list of accounts, no matter the size of the network account
  • In Mailchimp, the Industry Click Rate and Industry Open Rate will now always provide the correct value
  • Sometimes when a global filter was edited after it’s initial creation, it wasn’t saving the new value. We’re now saving the new value
  • On the Account Group List view, the count wasn’t always working correctly. We’ve fixed it and now the count will always count properly
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