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NinjaCat 3.11 - June 17th, 2019

What's New

Refresh Data Warehouse Data

  • We’re including the ability to refresh the data that we’re storing in our Data Warehouse.
  • You’ll be able to do this in a few locations throughout the system:
    • Account Level: Refreshing on the Account level will refresh the data for all connected Data Sources for that Account
    • Account Level - Single Network: Under each specific Data Source at the Account level, you’ll be able to refresh the data for a single Network
    • Agency Level: You can choose to refresh all of the same Data Source such as All Facebook networks
    • Agency Level at the network level: Alternatively, you can refresh a single Data Source at the agency level, such as a single Google Ads account
  • Gathering the data takes time, so after refreshing data, you may experience slow Dashboard and Template Editor load times while we gather the new data
  • To avoid overtaxing our API connections, you can only refresh a Data Source once every 60 minutes

Lookup of Account by External ID for NinjaTrack Monitoring Page


  • We are now able to look up accounts by using external ids

Pool Alert Notifications UI Component


  • Within Setup>NinjaTrack>Settings page you are able to set up Pool Alerts:
    • Frequency: Hourly, Daily and Weekly
    • For each of these summaries, you can opt to skip any email when there are no alerts to report on, otherwise, you will get an email with an empty report
  • There are 3 statuses for each type of summary that you can receive:
    • When selecting this option you must enter your threshold if you have selected it for at least one of the summary emails:
      • Exhausted (the number of swaps that occurred within 15 minutes, which equals the exact number of your pool size)
      • Almost Exhausted (the number of swaps that occurred based on your almost exhausted threshold within 15 minutes that are less than your pool size)
      • Over-Consumed (the number of swaps that occurred within 15 minutes that goes over pool size)
  • This setup will only affect pools and the entire agency

Sample Hourly Summary Email:




  • In DoubleClick, in some cases, accounts were being cached more than once. This has been resolved
  • Twitter Organic metrics Followers and Friends were behaving like cumulative metrics and adding up each day, which resulted in higher than expected results
  • When an account was deleted and had a pool, or a pool was deleted, the pool alert summary email was not being sent. We’ve resolved this issue and the Pool Alert Summary email will always be sent out


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