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NinjaCat 3.12 - June 25th, 2019



Criteo and ReachLocal v2.0

  • We’re excited to announce native integrations with Criteo and ReachLocal’s newer API.

What's New

Whitelisting Support for NinjaTrack


  • We now support whitelisting at the agency level through Setup>NinjaTrack>Settings and as well as the call tracking number level (advanced settings tab)
  • If a whitelisted number has been entered at the agency level it will supersede any blacklist number entered at either the agency or call tracking number level
  • We have now implemented a way to enter blacklist and whitelist numbers where the guesswork of entering a number correctly has been removed.  You are now able to choose the country of the number and it will show the format of a number. Unless a number has been entered correctly it will not give you the ability to add it.  The country code will automatically be added.

And more…

  • We’ve made a change to the NinjaTrack monitoring page report export. Now, when downloading that file, we’ll name it {Account Name}--{Date Range} Call Log.{ext}
  • For users with only “View NinjaTrack Reporting permissions, we’ve removed the account page and bring them directly to the NinjaTrack Monitoring page instead, since they couldn’t do anything from the Account Page


  • When running Roll-up reports, you’ll now see which Account had an error so it’s easier to pinpoint which accounts need to be fixed to run the report successfully
  • For the ReachLocal integration, we resolved an issue where when ‘Walk-Ins’ was included in a widget, other metrics would appear with no data. In order to have this work, you’ll need to use the new ReachLocal v2.0 Data Source
  • For the ReviewPush integration, we’ve improved the logic when we pull data so you can expect fewer errors when running reports
  • We’ve resolved an issue which was causing some settings to not save after the previous release
  • In Google My Business, Timezone setting per account will now work in all reports and we resolved an issue that was causing the wrong timezone to be used in any timezone +GMT


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