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NinjaCat 3.10 - May 27th, 2019



Amazon MWS Integration

  • We’re excited to introduce Amazon MWS (Seller Central) as a new native integration!
  • To connect at the Agency Level, add your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token to NinjaCat. For more information, click here.

What's New


  • We’re excited to introduce KPIs! KPIs is a continuation of our new Budgets feature and will allow you to track the progress of any Standard or Aggregate metric, from any Data Source, on a monthly basis.
  • Define the metric you’d like to track, set a monthly target, choose the day of the month you’d like to start. KPIs will tell you your current progress, and provide a projection to estimate where you’ll end up by the end of the cycle.
  • For in-depth training on the new KPI feature, please click here
  • We're releasing KPIs in beta to get early feedback. To participate in the beta, please reach out to your CSM or email support@ninjacat.io. You can expect to see us continue to add functionality in the months to come.

  • Our upcoming goals for early Q3:
    • Progress Graphs for KPI and Budgets - View your KPI in a detailed graph with more in-depth data points. We’ll break down your daily progress, your daily average progress, and suggested progress to achieve your target.
    • Template Editor Support - You’ll be able to add your KPIs to Reports and Dashboards to share progress with your customers or team member.

Ad Preview Dimension for Facebook

  • We’ve added a new dimension called 'Ad Preview' for Facebook.
  • With the Ad Preview dimension for Facebook, you’ll be able to display an Ad, as it appears on Facebook.

  • When the Ad Preview dimension is selected, a new sub-section called Ad Preview will appear on the widget with additional settings.
    • Preview type: Currently, the display types are “Right Column Standard”, “Desktop Feed Standard”, “Mobile Feed Standard”, and “Instagram Standard”
    • Number of Ads Preview: This is a performance setting specific to the template editor. Displaying ads in this way is taxing on the system and can take time to load. In order to reduce the loading time in the template editor, we give you the option to load 5, 10, 15 or all ads in the template editor. Keep in mind, this setting only impacts the preview on the template editor. We’ll still load all requested ads on Dashboards or PDF/PPT Reports.
  • For more in-depth information, please click here for a helpful video.

Facebook 3.2 - Upgrade and a note about deprecated metrics

  • We’ve updated to Facebook 3.2.
  • In Facebook 3.2, Facebook deprecated a number of metrics. In order to avoid broken metrics, where possible, we’ve remapped these metrics as follows:
    • offsite_conversion => SUM of all Offsite Conversion FB Pixel metrics (not including ones that require pixel id)
    • app_custom_event => app_custom_event.fb_mobile_activate_app
    • offsite_conversion.add_to_cart => offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_add_to_cart
    • offsite_conversion.checkout => offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_initiate_checkout
    • offsite_conversion.key_page_view => offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_view_content
    • offsite_conversion.lead => offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_lead
    • offsite_conversion.other => leadgen.other
    • offsite_conversion.registration => offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_complete_registration
    • In addition, we've made the same remappings for the equivilent Value metrics.
  • For the conversions above, these metrics will continue to work as expected. You won't need to make any configurations to your templates.

BigQuery for SQL Data Pipeline

  • We’ve added support for BigQuery to our SQL Data Pipeline
  • Connection options are:
    • BigQuery Network: A list of data source option you set up on the agency level for BigQuery.
    • Project ID: the project ID you want to send data to for big query.
    • Dataset: The dataset of the project which table will be created in.
    • Big Query Data Export Option: there will only be two options, erase data and append data. (cannot support merge and replace due to the limitation of the BigQuery API)
    • Note that a BigQuery data source MUST be created prior to using this for data delivery due to the fact that the connection requires oAUTH. Mapping setup isn’t required.

And more...

  • For Bing Ads, we’ve added the new metric, Unique Lost IS (Budget).
  • For our Email Integration data source, we’ve added support for TSV files. For a helpful article on Email Integration, please click here.
  • We’ve extended the Display as Image option to all Data Sources. Now, when you’re creating a Custom Dimension, Display as ‘Image’ is available.


  • Page Fans Metric for Facebook Insights will now show the correct values on all tables and graphs.
  • Google Analytics brought back Unique Events within the API so we’ve re-added it.
  • In Google Analytics, we’re now calculating ‘Sessions per User’ internally to ensure it’s as accurate as possible.
  • For Constant Contact, we’re now using the ‘Last Run Date’ in our Aggregate ‘Date’, which is more commonly what people want to see.
  • For the Email Integration, now, when we had trouble parsing an email, we’ll properly send an error email to warn you.
  • For Unbounce, we’re using the most appropriate date within the aggregate, depending on the dimensions or metrics selected. For form-fill data, we’re using the ‘Form Fill Date’. Otherwise, we’re using ‘Site Last Published’ or ‘Site Creation’ date.
  • We ran into some issues with SQL tables with over 200 metrics/dimensions. We’ve increased the number of SQL metrics and dimensions allowed on a single SQL table.
  • We now support more OS Types for FTP which should allow it to support more FTP services.
  • We fixed an issue with Snapchat which was sometimes causing the currencies to be increased.
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager now allows Agencies to use their own individual quotas to avoid hitting NinjaCat’s maximum allowable quota for DBM.
  • Some users were experiencing issues while saving BigQuery. We’ve resolved the issue and you should always be able to save your Big Query mappings now.
  • In Instagram Organic, we fixed an issue with the ‘Saved’ metric so that it’s returning the correct result.
  • In DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Impressions were being skewed when combined with ‘Creative Field 01’. We’ve resolved this issue and Impressions will appear correctly.
  • You can now Display as Image for SQL.
  • You can now see the Account Name on the Account List view when viewing on Mobile.
  • Also, the Dashboard List view is now more mobile friendly.
  • On the Template Editor, now when you have a pop-up open, pressing the up, down, right, and left arrows won’t move a widget on the template.
  • In NinjaTrack, you’re now able to consistently save Custom URL parameters.
  • Also in NinjaTrack, sometimes pool numbers were returning a source of “unknown”. Now, we’ll correctly show the source, when it is available.


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