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NinjaCat 3.9 - May 6th, 2019


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Snapchat & Unbounce Integrations

  • We’re excited to release native integrations for Snapchat and Unbounce
  • For more information on adding Snapchat, click here
  • For more information on Snapchat Metrics and Dimensions, click here
  • For more information on adding Unbounce, click here
  • For more information on Unbounce Metrics and Dimensions, click here

What’s New

Larger Images for Facebook Ads

  • Now you'll have the option to show a full-sized Ad image for Facebook. Click the pencil next to the “Ad” dimension and toggle on “Scale image width to its container”
  • The ad will scale to the size of the cell width
  • For more information on how to use this feature, click here

Custom Data Sources Display as “Image”

  • You can now display an image URL as an image from Custom Data Sources. When setting up a new Custom Data source mapping, you’ll now find a display as an option called "Image"
  • For more information on how this feature works, please click here for a helpful video

Google Analytics Sample Data Warnings

  • Under certain circumstances, Google Analytics sends sample data through the API
  • You will now receive a warning in the template editor and dashboards when you receive sample data from Google Analytics on a widget
  • For Dashboards, you have the option to display or not display this warning
  • For a detailed description of this feature, please click here

Updates Facebook to 3.2

  • We've updated Facebook to 3.2
  • For a list of deprecated metrics, please click here


  • We made a change to Google Analytics to improve how we're pulling in Demographics data. You should now see demographics information more often when using Google Analytics
  • Facebook Insights Page Fans will now work with all dimensions
  • Google Analytics Page Path will filter properly now
  • You’ll now be able to filter by non-segmenting dimensions 
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