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How to Add the Unbounce Network

NinjaCat directly integrates with the Unbounce platform. This network connection allows you to include the landing page performance and conversion data from their platform in your client reports and dashboards created in NinjaCat. This article will cover step by step instructions on how to add the Unbounce network integration to your agency and accounts.

Adding the Unbounce Network

Like all direct network connections in NinjaCat, Unbounce must first be connected at the Agency Setup level before you can connect an Unbounce Client to an individual Account profile.

  1. Go to the Agency Setup area of NinjaCat by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the window and then click "Setup" from the dropdown menu options
  2. Click on the blue "Add Network" action button near the top right corner of the Data Sources tabUnbounce_Agency_1.png
  3. Find Unbounce from the list of available networks and click the blue "Connect" buttonUnbounce_Agency_2.png
  4. From the Unbounce Network Settings chose the network name you would prefer and then click the blue "Add Network" action button near the bottom left of the windowUnbounce_Agency_3.png
  5. Fill in your valid email and password combination for Unbounce and click the blue "Sign In" button to complete the connectionUnbounce_Agency_4.png

Adding an Unbounce Client Account to a NinjaCat Account

After adding the Unbounce network to your agency the next step is to connect the correct "Client" account from Unbounce to its respective Account profile in NinjaCat.

  1. Click on the "Accounts" tab from the top navigation of NinjaCat
  2. From the Accounts List click on the desired accountUnbounce_Account_1.png
  3. From the Account Command Center click on the plus symbol near the top right corner of the Data Sources cardUnbounce_Account_2.png
  4. Find Unbounce from the list of available networks and click the blue "Connect" buttonUnbounce_Account_3.png
  5. Choose the correct Unbounce Network (if there's more than one) and the correct Unbounce Account from the drop down menus under the Connect Unbounce Account settingsUnbounce_Account_4.png
  6. Click the blue "Connect" button near the bottom left corner of the window


  • If all of your Agency's accounts are organized under one Unbounce client you can use a Global Filter in NinjaCat for the Unbounce dimension that has a unique identifier (ex: "Page Name", "Page Group Name", etc.) to create a dynamic filter. This will allow you to use the same template in NinjaCat for multiple accounts reporting on Unbounce.
  • Check out the following article for a complete list of Unbounce Dimensions and Metrics



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