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DSPs - The TradeDesk MyReports FAQs

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding The TradeDesk MyReports network connection:

  • What level of access is required to connect The TradeDesk MyReports to NinjaCat?
    • You'll need a "Partner ID" from The TradeDesk to connect MyReports to NinjaCat or any other third party. Access to a Partner ID requires an additional one-time fee to the TradeDesk, beyond already having an existing relationship with the platform.
  • How long will it take data to populate in NinjaCat after I've connected The TradeDesk MyReports?
    • The following day after 6:00 am UTC.
  • How much data can be requested from The TradeDesk MyReports?
    • NinjaCat will automatically schedule a recurring request for the previous days data which will be stored in our platform for you to access in your reports and dashboards. This data will continue to accumulate everyday, stored securely in our platform until the The TradeDesk network is removed from your agency. A special request for the previous 90 days of data can be made after you've connected The TradeDesk MyReports to NinjaCat by contacting our support team.
  • What Dimensions and Metrics are available from The TradeDesk MyReports?


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