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NinjaCat 3.8 - March 19th, 2019


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Site Impact

  • We’re excited to introduce Site Impact to our list of native integrations.

The TradeDesk MyReports Enhancements

  • We’ve made some major improvements to our TradeDesk MyReports integration. Now, when you connect TradeDesk MyReports, data should start gathering in NinjaCat within 24 hours automatically.
  • If you would like historical data (last 90 days) please email support@ninjacat.io and let them know. We’ll need to take additional steps on our end to pull that historical data.
  • For details on the available Metrics and Dimensions for TradeDesk, click here.
  • For a helpful FAQ on the new TradeDesk enhancements, click here.

What's New

Global Metrics

  • Global Metrics is a new feature that will allow you to define a metric from a single data source at the Agency level, and then redefine what that Metric does from account to account.
  • For example, if your conversion criteria differ from account to account, you’ll be able to set up a Global Metric called Conversion and define what that Global Metric does for each account.
  • For additional training, please click here.

More Dashboards Improvements!

  • Dashboard tables are now exportable in CSV! If the CSV Export toggle is on, in the dashboard settings, Dashboard users will now be able to download a CSV. Filters, custom Date Ranges, and Comparisons will all be applied to the CSV.
  • Dashboard PDF downloads will now display Dashboard filters applied on tables!
  • We’ve also made improvements to tables with Sorting and Paging. Page between multiple pages of data. Headers and Totals row will stay put while you’re reviewing your data
  • In addition, you can sort on any column of your tables.
  • For more information on all of our dashboard enhancements, click here.

Configure refresh times for data sources

  • With the 3.8 release, you’ll now be able to define what time we gather data and place it into our Intelligent Data Warehouse.
  • Users of Google Sheets and SQL will find this feature particularly useful in cases where data is pushed to these providers later in the day. You’ll now be able to decide when you gather that data, giving you enough time to load data into those sources.
  • To learn more about this feature, click here.

And More!

  • We’ve added a new Metric called “Count” for all data sources. Already available in Email Integration, it will now become available with all other Data Sources. The Count metric will count the number of unique dimension combinations for any table.
  • We’ve added the Google Font, Muli.


  • We improved the way we calculate Average Call duration for Call Tracking.
  • Sometimes, when viewing Comparisons in a table with Relative Date range, we were showing extra days and now we’re not.
  • We fixed an issue with Perfect Audience that was increasing the results specifically on Dashboards.
  • Google AdWords Ad Destination URLs are now clickable.
  • When users were using SQL mappings and changed from Text to Stored Proc, the edit screen was returning an error.
  • Earliest and Latest reporting dates weren’t playing nicely with Roll-up reports (Account Groups). We’ve resolved this issue so that each individual account’s Earliest and Latest reporting date are respected in Roll-up reports.
  • Sometimes, when consolidating by month, and viewing ‘this month’ time range, we were showing too much data. We’ve resolved this issue.
  • The date on CSV will now always format correctly when exporting CSV
  • In NinjaTrack, sometimes calls were being attributed to Referral when they should have been going to Google - Organic. We’ve corrected this so they’ll appear in the right channel.
  • We’ve optimized the Twitter Ads data source so that we can process data requests more intelligently.
  • When setting up Google Analytics Custom Dimensions and Metrics, it was possible to skip a step and start mapping Custom Dimensions and Metrics without selecting an account. You’ll now first need to select an account before moving on to the next step.
  • The help text for Decimal Controls on the Custom Metric Editor wasn’t respecting our boundaries. We’ve talked it out and now they’re appearing only within the bounds of the pop-up.
  • The Account List export button was appearing grey instead of blue, which was giving people the impression that it was broken, even though it wasn’t.



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